The Adventures of Kroger Kids

Whenever there is evil around

Whenever crime is going down

You will have no fear

Because Kroger Kids are here

This crime fighting couple will save you

Whether you’re fighting a lion at the zoo

Or aliens are invading your local Walmart

There is one simple thing you must start

Pull out your Kroger Kids kazoo

And play their song, “do do dooo doo do”

They fly around in a super grocery buggy

It has big foot tires, bazookas and can fly

Magnificent Mark is a country cowboy

His hat is razor sharp and isn’t a toy

And if that doesn’t work he is super strong

He can also stretch his body super long

Charismatic Carrie is the beautiful one

Her laser vision will melt you to the bone

Did I mention she can blow a kiss

That will paralyze you and it never misses

Together they fight crime

So if you’re evil you’re out of time

If you’re in need than don’t worry

Bc Kroger Kids are the hero in your story


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