Spud Hitler

Help!! Help!! Mutant spuds are attacking

Mashed potatoes are flying

Mutant Spuds are terrorizing Kroger

They are scooping up kids for Spud Hitler

Spud Hitler is an evil mad scientist

And these mutant spuds are his newest

Newest evil invention to take over

He doesn’t want Publix, he wants Kroger

He is the distant descendent of Hitler

And he too inspires to be a dictator

He is 5 feet tall and is never happy

He is thin and goes from sad to angry

So he takes these kids prisoner

And uses them to take over

But the store manager knows what to do

He runs outside and blows his kazoo

Out of the clouds you hear loud country

Blaring Hank Williams Jr from a buggy

It’s the buggy of the Kroger Kids

They are here to smash some spuds

As they land Spud Hitler sets his trap

A large net lands on them, Oh Crap!

The Kroger kids begin to struggle

But the net is begging to closely cuddle

Find out what happens on the next episode of Kroger Kids!


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