Life Is Short So Be Nice

The devil is knocking at your door are you going to open it? 

Do you think ignoring him will make him leave a card from his jacket? 

The devil waits for no one, he claims what he is owed

So say good bye to the ones that you loved
Because your door just exploded into splinters 

The room has become as cold as a million winters 

The devil calmly walks toward you shaking his head 

You feel like nothing has changed but you must be dead 
Why else is the devil standing in your living room 

Should you try to run or hit him with a broom? 

The devil answers saying, “if you run I’ll make your legs turn into snakes

And your broom will burst into flames burning you like your mom’s cakes 
You begin to cry replaying your life in your mind

The devil pulls out a pocket watch and gives it a wind

They he speaks again, ” I’m on a schedule so if you could cooperate 

Because you would hate to make me run late.”
You have lived your life and made your decisions 

It is too late for forgiveness, prayer, or interventions 

So this should be a cautionary tell to the rest of us 

Be humble and kind because you never know when you’ll ride the Devil’s bus 


King of the Babies

Not much is known about the history of King N the baby King

Some say he was birthed in the middle of a wrestling ring 

Others say he is being raised by a family of grizzly bears 

One thing is for sure he keeps a knife in his underwear 
King N rules the playground with violence and two henchmen

The Nelson twins Tom and Tim, if one hits you you can expect to get hit again 

But don’t think King N is afraid to get his hands dirty 

He once beat the new baby with a rattle until he couldn’t see
King N isn’t a violent dictator who does not care about his people 

He has done great works such as building the jungle gym chapel

He assisted the poor with getting cookies for snack time

He even exiled a thief for his heinous crime 
So the next time you have the pleasure to walk into playground 

Make sure you pay your respects to the baby with the crown

Because all are responsible for their words and actions

And King N will hit harder than a woman’s contractions