Never Believe The Hype

Some people think the Great Mark has been locked in a cage
Some people think the Great Mark has lost all of his rage

To those people I say step up to the plate and take a swing 

I will remind you why I have always been the King
Just because there hasn’t been a recent beheading 

Doesn’t mean my sword has lost any of its edging 

Just because the king has been having a rest in his castle

Doesn’t mean he’s forgot how to alligator wrestle 
The Great Mark is more than an average being

He a legend that makes demons cry and angels sing 

His mere presence has stopped catastrophic disasters 

His very voice has revived mortals from ascending to heaven’s rafters 
So just because his Greatness had taken a vacation 

I will advise you to double check your misinformation 

Anyone who believes I’ve become weak and domicile 

Will get a quick reminder of why I’m the king of being mobile and hostile 


Cookies Mother Fucker 

The Cookie Monster ain’t got shit on me
I’m a man that will tear up a cookie 

I can eat them all day every day 

I’d even eat them bitches sitting in hay
Chewy, crunchy big or small

I just want to eat them all

I don’t give a fuck about other sweets 

I even buy cookies while in the streets
There’s a gang of girls who sell cookies

And if you don’t buy they bash your knees

They rep the color green 

And can be real damn mean 
People tell me to quit cookies and I tell them

I’d rather die from cookies than go to a gym

Because I didn’t choose the life about cookies 

The cookie life choose me 

Writers Block

I desperately need some inspiration 
Maybe I can receive divine intervention

I would love a Hollywood scandal 

Or maybe see Donald trump wearing socks and sandals 
A gorilla riding a horse through the town square

Would give my lackadaisical brain a flare 

Pirates trying to take over my local store

Would give my thoughts thirst for more 
How awesome would it be for aliens to appear

And run around giving away free space gear

What if we found out Voldemort is a real man

And now they are locking away JK in Azakaban
But alas my day has been dreary and bland

There has been no sword fights with the six finger man

So I’ll sit here and have my internal battle

And try to light this writers block candle