Gary Busey is a Cowboy and Owes Me $20

I have wined and dined with kings and queens 
and I’ve slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans

And at the end of the day I’m still just the same ol man 

Doing what I think is right, living the best I can 
I will accept any duel presented to me because I am no chicken 

I will fight you anywhere from outer space to my mom’s kitchen 

Pick your weapon of choice because I’m well versed in all

We can clash swords, go fisticuffs, or even use bowling balls
I will overcome any obstacle that is laid on my path 

Whether it be the sphinx’s riddle or the evil Khan’s wrath 

Chain me up and drop me to the bottom of the ocean 

No problem because I’ll go all Aquaman and escape with a dolphin 
Smaug is back in the Misty Mountain? No problem! I slay dragons 

Need to cross to the country? No problem! I have covered wagons 

Bowser kidnapped your princess? No problem! I have star power

Walkers at the wall? No problem! I’m so awesome my presence makes the cower
You may be asking yourself what in the hell am I talking about 

I’m awesome! I have a wild imagination and love to shout !

I make sure to make a boring day into a wild journey 

All you need is to believe because A little imagination can make Jurassic Park out of Barney 


Keep It Simple

If I don’t know you, don’t talk to me
 I don’t need your happiness or glee

It’s hard to offend someone during the holidays 

if you just shut up and don’t utter any phrase 
If something doesn’t concern you leave it alone 

Who cares if that guy is drinking from a trombone 

If you don’t like something you see on the tv

Turn the channel and quit being whiny 
If someone wants black fingernails or a purple Mohawk 

That’s their business and you have no right to squawk 

If they aren’t trying to paint your nails or dye your hair

What gives you the right to complain or even care
Life is simple, do what makes you happy

And just leave everyone else be

Wear the clothes you like, hang out with your kind of people 

And don’t go messing with someone else’s thing they find wonderful 

Blue Collar Boy

I’m just a hillbilly with a dollar 
I work hard for my money 

I even own a shirt with a collar 

And I wear that shirt to church on Sunday 
I don’t think I’m better than my kin 

That don’t have as much cash 

Their work gets them dirt on their skin

Whether its mud, grease or trash 
We still get together on the holidays

We eat turkey in my double wide

We aren’t savages we use TV trays 

And my cousins have to smoke outside 
Some people call me a redneck

Some say I’m very country 

Anyone who doesn’t like It can go to heck 

Because I’m happy just being me