What Do Warriors Do in Heaven

Heaven is perfect, with no pain or sickness 
Heaven is free from any spot of darkness 

Heaven’s streets are paved with gold 

At least these are the facts that I’ve been told
Warriors are bred to kill for a purpose

They fight valiantly and cuss

They die protecting others that are weak

They are warriors seven days a week 
They think about fighting all day 

They dream about destroying everything in their way 

They constantly hone their profession

And it is truly their obsession 
So when they reach the end of their life

When they are laid in the ground next to their wife 

They have ceased being the protector

The thing keeping evil away from your door
Do they go to heaven a shouting 

Do they walk the streets looking

Looking for the danger 

Ready to kill any and every stranger
But if their is no evil, no war

Are they not warriors any more

Do they spend eternity lost and unfulfilled

Or are they spent to hell where blood is always spilled 
Or maybe they are all sitting restless 

Waiting for a leader to give them a new purpose

To lead them to carve out their own place

Where they can battle and add a new scar on their face
Or maybe heaven is free of pain

And it allows these warriors to train

To train for revelation 

Where they will follow the lord’s direction 
Where they are granted wings

And transformed to angelic beings 

They will serve in the Lord’s army  

Protecting his family 
I do not possess the answer of this enigma

This will never be a question asked in trivia

Just some food for thought 

About things that may be or may not 



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