El Texano 

There was a cowboy with a lightning quick draw 

Who scared every living creature that he saw 

No one could beat him in a pistol duel 

He knew this fact and it made him cruel
The cowboy wore a hat as black as his soul

And a black duster that shielded him from the cold 

His spurs seemed to have a sinister sound 

They hissed like snakes when his boots hit the ground
The cowboy spread fear from Georgia to Mexico 

But one day he came to small village that housed El Texano

Texano was tall, burly and burnt by the harsh sun

He worked every day and seemed to have no time for fun
The village didn’t know much about Texano 

They knew he didn’t drink and he wore a sombrero

He could break in any horse and mend any fence

And if spoke at all it was a very short sentence
As Texano was mending a fence the Cowboy came to town 

He yelled “out of the way amigo” and pushed the fence down 

Texano turned beet red and faced the Cowboy

The Cowboy just grinned and seemed overjoyed 
The Cowboy went down for the gun at his waist

Texano responded with a fence post to Cowboy’s face 

When Cowboy awoke he was tied to a chair 

With blood and dirt clumping up his jet black hair 
Texano finally spoke ending the silence in the room 

“How many hombres have felt your gun’s evil boom?”

Cowboy uttered, “go to hell you dirty Mexican”

Texano shook his head in disbelief of this stupid man
Texano said, “I’m not Mexican but that doesn’t matter 

You’re an evil man who’s blood I will splatter

You will not hurt anyone else especially in my town.”

Then he took a machete and buried it in the Cowboy’s crown
The next day they coyotes had a bountiful feast

And no one knew Texano was the hero that slain the beast 

Texano was ok with this fact and went back to work 

And the world was a better place because it had one less jerk 


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