Wonderful Chaos 

I am a monster evil and vile 
I am unpredictable and wild

I eat souls for dinner 

If you challenge me I will be the winner
The devil has nightmares about me

When I walk by he takes a knee

The boogeyman checks his closet at night

To check I’m not there to give him a fright 
Clowns and spiders have Markphobia 

Just my name gives them terror 

Sasquatch owes me money 

That’s why he’s hiding from me 
Chuck Norris once gave me a punch 

the next 8 weeks he has to drink his lunch 

There was once life on Mars 

Until they kicked me out of their bars 
These feats may sound like tall tales

If you have doubts step up and you will fail 

Because I am the evil greatness 

Fight me and Hell will be your address 


Peace Is For The Weak 

The world is falling apart all around me and I am calm
The sun is shining, birds are chirping and I am a ticking bomb 

Chaos is my old friend who I welcome with a hug 

Happiness beats me up like a terrible thieving thug 
Call me an asshole and I will just give you a wide grin 

Often I will poke and prod until you call me it again 

Maybe I’m a little crazy or maybe this is just my home 

I’d pick a speeding car over a house with a garden gnome 
Anger and despair is what I have flowing in my veins 

Disaster is the horse and I have control of the reigns 

Does this mean that I can not find happiness?

No this means I enjoy my dysfunctional stress 
Warriors are not happy farming, gladiators don’t want tea 

I want competition, excitement and a health scoop of mystery  

So take your quiet life and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine 

And leave me be fighting the insanity of mine 

Bedtime for Booger

The light has faded away 
We have the end of another day 

The crickets are performing a symphony 

Eye lids are getting heavy
Bedtime stories are being read 

Prayers are being said 

Teeth are being brushed 

Tomorrow’s clothes are being prepped
Booger lets out a big yawn

As the moon fills the lawn 

He kisses his mom goodnight

And turns on his night light
Booger climbs into his bed 

And lays down his little head 

He drifts into dreams

The world is at peace it seems