The Country Nerd

I listen to bluegrass as I play horseshoes

I clean guns while Hank sings the blues

I eat Spam and fried bologna sandwiches

I drive my Jeep through muddy ditches

I play PS4 on my hi-def television

I don’t need paper to do long division

I support Pichard in the Trekky argument

I believe comic books is money well spent

You don’t need to be Einstein to see

That I’m a mix of nerd and country

I can drop you with my recurve bow

I know to use a potion when health is low

I can whoop your ass in a fist fight

Or beat you in chess all night

I can beat you in every poker game

my Magic deck will put yours to shame

While these are usually clashing styles

Inside of me they drive the women wild

I have the confidence of a redneck Romeo

But the personality of your favorite hero

So don’t try to put me in a box

Or I’ll barrel roll out like Starfox

I’m unique and my own man

Keep your stereotypes I have my plan


Prayers to Heaven

My grandfather passed away

Before I ever got a chance to say

I love you, thank you

You did the best you could do

You taught me to be a man

To always have a plan

To be humble and kind

And always speak my mind

But you never got to see

The life I hope you wanted for me

I never got hear spoken aloud

That you were proud

You never got to meet my son

To play and have fun

You never got to see me be a dad

Or to pick me up when I was sad

I just pray you’re in heaven smiling

And I may have fallen but I’m trying

To live up to your expectations of me

And be half the man you didn’t have to be