No Trademark Infringed 

Sitting all alone with just my thoughts to keep me company 
When suddenly there’s a tapping at my bedroom window 

To my surprise a snowy owl is present with a letter addressed to me

It’s a correspondence from someone that has been hidden in the shadow 
A few days pass and then there’s a knock upon my front door 

Standing on my doorstep is a canister shaped droid 

He plays a holographic message of my friend stating my life is a bore 

He challenges me to a duel with a special light sword 
So I pack my things and go on a journey down a yellow paved road 

I meet a man who is made of metal and has no soul 

I meet a man who sounds like a crow and has the brains of a toad 

And finally I encounter a scaredy cat on the way to my goal 
Once I reach my destination at Mt. Mist, I encounter a dragon 

He sits upon a throne of gold and will scorch anyone 

I acquire some help from a group of short people with a wagon 

We slay the dragon and all I get is a small dragon bone 
My friend begins a slow clap from a top the mountain 

He jumps down to face me and we begin to fight 

We end up tired and just laughing at the situation 

I stand and shoot him in the head because I always win at the end of the night 

The Ravishing Russian 

Lana worked behind a computer every day in a small cubicle
She wore business casual clothes and rarely spoke in a high decibel 

But Lana had a secret that no one could ever imagine

At night she was the loud boisterous and very ravishing Russian Dragon 
She was the manager of a 500 lb grizzly bear that was missing an ear

Chop Chop was the bear’s name and he was the cause of great fear 

Chop Chop was part of an underground fighting organization 

Many had tried to beat him and that many had met devastation 
Lana was always at ringside shouting commands 

And Chop Chop was always happy to meet her vicious demands 

Chop Chop was 60 and 0 but he also had a secret 

Chop Chop was a midget fighting in a robotic bear jacket 
The two were madly in love with each other 

They spent every night together and loved playing these characters 

But these secrets don’t pay for the adult things and bills 

So they work boring jobs just to have their wild nighttime thrills 

Dance Monkey Dance

On a day that was bleak and gray 
I traveled down an abused road

Until I saw a man and a sleeping monkey 

Seeing me the man stomped on the monkey’s toe
He yelled at the monkey to dance 

As he started to play his rusty harmonica

The monkey just stood there in his pants

And snarled as he ripped off his fedora
The man kicked the monkey hard in the gut

Sending the monkey flying five feet 

The monkey just smiled as he landed on his butt

The monkey stood up and began back across the street 
But something was different about it

The monkey was smiling with a knife in his hand 

This angered the man and he took off his jacket 

He swatted at the monkey but only hit road and sand 
The monkey was quick and precise

The man was confused and swinging wild

And he bled more with each knife slice 

The man fell to ground and began crying like a child 
The monkey threw down his knife 

It whistled and a dog came by 

I know that was the end of his dancing life

And as it rode away he had a glint in his eye