Lets Get Involved 

We fast forward our story to December 8, 1941 the day after Pearl Harbor 
Jack and Henry are arguing when Bobby shows up with a newspaper 

It says we are going to war, Henry snaps and says they are going to war

Muggles are fighting, that doesn’t concern us. What would we fight for? 
Jack biffs Henry and says they are already attacking us now the Muggles 

We will help them because we are facing the same struggles 

Henry says I’m not joining the Army if that’s what you’re thinking 

Jack laughs and says just wait as the lights start blinking 
Suddenly there are 10 more Magicals standing with them

Abigail, a 5 foot tall Japanese girl, asks have you told him

Jack answers not yet I was just getting to the good part 

Jack looks at Henry and Bobby, “I want y’all to join Wand through the Heart”
Bobby jumps with excitement and says yes immediately 

Henry rolls his eyes and says that is a dumb name and you are crazy 

Jack just grins and waits. Henry is Jack’s older brother 

Henry says if I don’t protect you I’ll never hear the end from mother
Abigail snarls and says if y’all are done we have work to do

We have Magicals to save and unfortunately I need you 

They apparate to Jacks apartment and load up supplies 

Jack tells everyone to meet here tomorrow for war so say your goodbyes 
To Be Continued…


Wizards in America 

Jack and Henry are brothers living in the United States 
They are Wizards barely making enough to keep food on their plates

They are both graduates of magical school earning top grades

They enjoy Quidditch, butter beer and small town parades 
They have brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin and stand 6 foot tall 

 the only difference between the pair is Jack has glasses and that’s all

Henry works in a bakery and Jack is a local Police man 

We go to their conversation while they stand around a fire in a trash can 
Henry is complaining about hard times as he eats moldy bread 

Jack says just be glad we aren’t being hunted or worse dead

Henry is perplexed and ask what Jack is talking about 

He said that a group of muggles are killing Magicals, suddenly there is a shout
A wizard boy is running from a group of street thugs 

Jack pulls his wand and turns them all into slimy slugs 

Henry biffs Jack and said you could go to jail for that 

Jack just laughs, says “nah” and picks up his hat 
The boy is Henry and Jack’s cousin Bobby, he’s 5’8 and a senior in school

Henry ask Bobby what happened, Bobby smirks as he tries to be cool

Well their leader was trash talking Wizards so I made his pants disappear 

That’s when he’s friends came out and wanted to gut me like a deer 
Jack says they are not the only group attacking Magicals 

He tells the others of the SS and the letter he got from Nepal

Nepal was a class mate of his who went to Germany to teach 

Who was worried he would soon be grabbed by the SS reach 
To Be Continued… 

The Beginning

Let me transport you back to a time long agoAnd shed some light on a story that you think you know 

It’s 1934 and we begin this story in a little place called Germany

Hitler is having a meeting with the heads of the Nazi Party
Hitler has spent the last two hours trying to convince his cohorts

He claims the world is inhabited by things of all magical sorts

Hitler blames them for the current state of his people 

He slams his fists and demand they be eradicated pure and simple 
The other men begin to question his mental health 

Then suddenly Hitler asks who has all of our wealth 

The men stop and lean in, together they all shout “THE JEWS”

Hitler has their full attention and starts outlining what they must do. 
While Hitler has the rest targeting Jews he reaches out to a friend 

He tells them they must bring these magicians to an end 

They start a secret regime and call them the Schutzstaffel (SS)

There mission is to hunt down and capture all magical people 
To Be Continued….

Let The Sun Shine

A little boy hiding under a pillow trying to silence the screams
He wants to help but he’s frozen with fear busting from his seams 

When the commotion stops he peaks his head out the door 

He sees a bruised and beaten Mom who just doesn’t want to live anymore
She’s reaching for the bottle of pills the end her world of pain 

The boy must act fast, he slaps the bottle and the pills fly like rain 

He’s fighting back tears but he must be the one that’s strong 

He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what he’s done wrong 


The cycle never seems to end, day after day, year after year

There never seems to be an end to the violence or the beer 

The boy is changing but the situation isn’t. One day the dad goes to hit his wife 

The boy,who has grown, steps in the middle and pulls out a knife
He lifts his dad off the ground and holds the blade to his dad’s throat 

The boy says this is will stop or that will be all that she wrote 

Everyone goes their separate ways and there is silence the rest of the day

The boy believes violence solved his problem and functions this way 
The boy grows older, stronger and solves more problems with violence 

Each time with a satisfactory result so the boy wants no penance 

The boy loses many friends due to his unfavorable behavior 

And it isn’t until he’s sitting alone that he realizes violence isn’t his savior 
The boy realizes violence shifted from an outside source to him 

He begins to question life and wonder what he has to do to make a trim

To cut out the violence, to break the cycle and solve problems without pain

The boy finds peace within and the sun slowly starts cutting through the rain 

Make Poetry Great Again 

Poems are meant to inspire and dance on your heart strings
To engage your mind, to invoke you to challenge things 

Poems have told many great stories, started a revolution 

They have even described Lucifer’s fall from heaven 
You make ask yourself where have these great poets gone 

You may ask Why have they left their once glorious throne 

I ensure you this disappearance was not one that was voluntary 

They were forced out and cast aside like scratch stationery 
Our world has turned their back on the once great poetry 

They shun poets and often make them victims of mockery 

They have traded love poems for unintelligent slang 

There are no sonnets to woo a woman just “I like you bae you hot thang ”
Lets start a new movement to bring Poetry to the top of the mountain 

To let today’s great poems inspire the modern generation 

Lets return to a time of intelligence and a proper use of language 

So read, write or listen to a poem, join the movement to free poetry from bondage 

The World is a Deep Dark Pit

No two individuals experience life the same way 
Some people are pampered with life handed over on a silver tray 

Most of us have some mountain or obstacle in our path 

We have at least one day where it feels like we are feeling God’s wrath 
One day you will be stuck with a never ending rain cloud 

You will have a headache and every noise will be too loud

You will have your horrible boss breathing down your neck

He will be demanding more and more, you will want to scream “go to heck!”
Some of us are not so fortunate, we get to deal with death 

not the normal death but holding your friend as they take their last breath 

Some of us have our life put in danger or receive a terrible wound

Some have the unfortunate experience of putting another in a tomb 
Everyone has to find their own way of dealing with stress 

They have to find to a way to put their demons to rest 

Some lose themselves in books traveling to lands of make believe 

Some eat, some exercise, some drink and some meditate to take their reprieve 
Whatever you do know that you are not alone in this fight 

Everyone has to deal with devil when they walk at night

Everyone needs a helping hand every now and then 

And asking for help is normal and not some blasphemous sin