Three Sided Coin

Pyscho Sicilian Sid the street swordsman of seventh street
Would stab you if you looked at him wrong if you accidentally meet 

He talks to himself mostly and practices his sword fighting 

And if you ever happen to disarm him look out for his biting 
Suited Sid with slicked back silver hair and money to spare

Is a veracious business man who would sell his mother and not care 

His every move is a calculated decision thought of in advance 

He will give you nothing for free and won’t give you a second chance 
Then there is just Sid a man who goes through life 

He has a decent job, three kids and a loving wife 

But Sid has a secret that he doesn’t want you to know

He does his best to hide it and make sure it doesn’t show
His secret is hidden by the simplest decision made by his schizophrenic mind

Name all his personalities the same name and make them intertwined 

All three people named Sid listed above inhabit one mortal body

And make it hard for people to know Sid is really crazy
Some people just think Sid has bad days or weird moments

But Sid knows that one day he won’t be able to explain some of his comments

He won’t be able to explain away pyscho Sid’s actions 

Or one of Suited Sid’s inappropriate apathetic reactions 
And when that day comes Sid will lose control 

The three will fight until one has trapped the others in a hole 

Simple Sid will cease to exist and the winner will change his life 

Let’s just hope it’s not the one who wants blood on his knife 


A Small Town in Morocco 

Bonjour madamezelle 

How is it youve come to visit me in hell

In my pit of pain and misery 

Have you come to mock me
To twist the dagger in my heart

Or to ruin my new start 

A bar in hell is better than a house of pain

So leave me now as my tears fall like rain 
These nazis control my business 

And the criminals take things too serious the piano plays songs from a sad past

How long will this pain last
Yet here you are to toy with my feelings

To close in my walls and lower my ceilings

With your husband to boot

I don’t know whether to run or to shoot
But I play it cool and smoke a cigarette 

Act like a man who’s never had a regret 

But you see right through my facade 

You have definitely made this choice hard
Do I fuel and old flame 

Or do I continue to play the Devils game 

Do I convince you to betray your husband

And leave with you to a foreign land 
No I trick you and pull off a master plan

I help save you and your man 

Give you one last here’s looking at you kid 

You’re the best and worst thing I ever did 

Crazy Bull

There are many known names of Native American Chiefs 

Who battled against settlers to protect their land and their beliefs

One you may not have heard of is the one know as Crazy Bull

He was said to be born on an oddly warm December night when the moon was full
Crazy Bull had a hard life because his birth caused the death of his mother 

And like the rest of the orphans he was trained to be a warrior

Crazy bull was as big as a bull and had a scar across his face

And was believed to be able disappear into the trees without a trace 
He had fashioned a tomahawk with a bull horn as the handle 

And his arrows were deadly accurate taking out the flame of a candle

Crazy bull was feared by everyone west of the Mississippi 

Except by one man who by his own right was a little crazy 
Mad dog Mark was a train robber by trade and loved a good fight  

He wore two revolvers on his belt and a cowboy hat that was bright white 

He was 6 feet tall, 250 lbs, had dirty blond hair and skin that was never clean

He mumbled when he talked and was undeniably mean 
Crazy bull and his fellow warriors didn’t want a war

They only wanted what they had no less and no more 

But the white man had built towns on the Sioux’s land 

They had taken the buffalo and corn with their greedy hand 
So crazy bull began to set fire to these towns and reclaim his people’s lands 

He murdered their families and left them to rot on the desert sands 

Crazy bull was a hero to his people, he helped them stay around 

But he was enemy number one to anyone in the local towns 
One sheriff knew he could not defeat Crazy bull so he put out an ad 

Looking for someone quick with a gun who didn’t mind doing something bad

Mad dog Mark answered this ad and became a deputy 

He formed a posse and went to look for the Indian that thought he was crazy 
Mad dog Mark killed every Native American in his way 

He would shoot them and just leave them where they lay

His presence was quickly noticed by crazy bull and his family 

Mad dog quickly became Crazy Bull’s most hated enemy 
So Crazy Bull burned down the town that had taken out the advertisement 

And left a spike with the sheriffs head and a piece of parchment 

The parchment had a note written in blood “come to dead man cave and come alone”

Mad dog wasn’t scared, he just laughed and grinned like a dog with a new bone
Crazy bull was already in the cave when mad dog walked in 

Mad dog spit on the ground and shouted “prepare to die you dirty injun”

Mad dog went for his revolver but crazy bull’s arrow was fast 

And down fell Mad Dog’s gun belt with a loud crash 
Mad Dog rushed Crazy Bull and the fight was on

Fists were flying and they were fighting like men, without a gun 

After what seemed like forever both men sat on the dirt

They were tired and bloody. The two seemed equally matched and equally hurt
They just smiled at each other and rose to their feet 

Crazy Bull had the idea to arrange to rest and come back to meet

He wanted to defeat Mad Dog at his best because he was a fierce warrior 

But his admiration let down his guard because Mad Dog had another revolver 
And with two quick shots Crazy Bull laid dead

Mad Dog grinned and then disrespectfully spit on his head 

Unfortunately for Mad Dog the shots resonated through the cave 

And as rocks fell down Mad Dog knew this would be his grave
Mad Dog just laughed and said “well dumb fellow I guess I’ll see you in hell

And give you another shot at ringing this old cowboy’s bell”

That was the day that the world lost heroes in their right 

But also was rid of two monsters that mad you scared to go out at night