Just Hang In There

You have a boss pissing on you and telling you it’s rain

They just laugh every time they see you wince in pain

They don’t care about you, you’re just a cog in the machine

If you left they would just insert a new cog where you had been

You try to talk to others about what plan you should take

They tell you to HANG IN THERE, it’ll get better just wait

Everyone expects you just to eat shit bite by bite

I say FUCK THAT! It’s time to stand up and fight

It’s time to break free from the mindless herd of sheep

Your life’s a nightmare. it’s time to wake up from your sleep

Stand on your feet and show them you won’t be a pawn

You will do what makes you happy, even if you have to go alone

You may be stuck in a toxic relationship with a girl you hate

Just because y’all had fun and she ended up being late

You want to do what’s best but those aren’t sprinkles

There’s shit on your cake, and she doesn’t like to see you giggle

You ask your mom and dad for advice and they say HANG IN THERE

They don’t see the pain in your heart, they don’t hear what you hear

No one knows the hell you go through so don’t compare

They don’t know you’ve had to wash blood out of your hair

It’s time to free yourself from those toxic chains making you a slave

It’s time to quit letting them telling you how to behave

They have lived their life now it’s time to live your own

It may be scary but sometimes you have to go out there alone

HANG IN THERE is the mantra of the weak and mindless

If you’re living in hell its time to change your address

Because sometimes you didn’t realize when you wait to be cut loose

It’s too late to get free from the hangman’s noose


Hillbilly Heaven

I don’t wanna die soon but When I die I don’t want to go to hell

I want to be greeted at heavens gates with a rebel yell

I don’t need streets paved with gold or St Peter at the pearly gates

Let Dale Earnhardt pick me up and forget how to use his brakes

Let the angels float around on biscuit clouds and play banjos

Forget tunics and robes, I want flannel and jeans for clothes

Let Johnny cash songs wake me up when I take a nap

And have my granny send me for a switch when I have a mishap

Set up a shooting range for me to play with all the guns

Have fried chicken and pulled pork on homemade buns

If Jesus wants to talk make sure you need four wheel drive to get there

And it would be pretty cool if he didn’t mind when I swear

I don’t know how heaven will be but I pray it was designed by a hillbilly

Let there be southern bells, country music, horseshoes and I’ll be happy

If it can’t be all for hillbillies i hope Heaven has a Dixie section

Where I can lounge under a shady tree and drink sweet tea in Heaven

El Drago Blanco

It’s Saturday night the crowd is packed in

El Drago Blanco walks through the curtain

The crowd erupts in cheers and chants

EDB has a dragon mask and red pants

The match goes back and forth

EDB is down and seems passed his worth

The crowd is chanting his name

To lose would bring his family Shame

He energizes and goes on the attack

He slams his opponent onto his back

He climbs on the ropes and jumps

1, 2, 3, EDB wins, he gives the air a fist bump

He has the world in his hands

But there’s one thing that he understands

Monday brings life back to boring

He goes to the office and typing

He will have a boss telling him what to do

He will have to write in pen that has to be blue

He will sit for 8 hours at a desk

And eating an old sandwich is his only risk

But that’s Monday, today is Saturday

Today he is living life his way

He’s seizing his moment

He is free from works torment

Bury Normalcy With a Silver Spade

I will not settle for mediocre

I will not end up subpar

If I am an Ogre

I will be scariest near and far

I will not stand as standard

I will not be labeled as Normal

If I am a bard

I will have best songs at the ball

I will not stop at adequate

I will not tolerate ordinary

If I am a pirate

I will plunder all the ships in the sea

Whatever I may be

Wherever I may be it at

Let me be the best version of me

Let me be the Top Cat

You can keep your normality

You can keep your average

It will not be used to describe me

I will be the best of all the ages

Heroes Of Our Own Story

Your cat is stuck in an enormous tree

Your only goal is to set your pet free

You cut down the tree with a chainsaw

As the tree falls you hear a few ca-caws

To your beloved pet you are the hero

To the birds you’re the villain, the Zero

You are walking down a dark street

And all of the sudden you meet

A man who is threatening your family

You pull out a gun and shoot them quickly

To your wife you’re Prince Charming

To the man’s kids you’re the one killing

No matter the kind of situation

You’re role is always based on perception

In your mind you may be righteous

In someone else’s you may be villainous

What you do with this information

Is up to you and your perception

The Micro Managing Flip Flopper

Don’t stand like that, don’t wear that hat

Why weren’t you where I wanted you at

I dont care how you’ve done that for years

I’m your boss and I control your career

Why didn’t you do that difficult task better

Why isn’t this water ten times wetter

I don’t want excuses, do things my way

It doesn’t matter what you have to say

All that stuff I told you do yesterday

Now all has to be done a different way

The wind changed and my mind did too

But I’m not wrong that is left for you

When did I tell you to do that odd thing

Who said that you’re allowed to sing

Be quiet and be who I want you to be

Be perfect just like me

Who am I? I’m the worlds worst boss

I’m overbearing and Wont be crossed

Ill give you a job then I’ll stab you in the back

I don’t care if I caused your panic attack

What do you mean you don’t like me

I do everything perfectly

That means you must be my friend

Bye? Well you’ll be sorry in the end

Folks don’t be this horrible person

Treat people right, work isn’t a prison

If the job gets done correct let it be

Don’t be that boss everyone hates completely

The Rowdy Redneck

I’ve had numerous experiences in my life

I’ve been hit by a car, stabbed with a knife

Waffle House threw me out into the street

I don’t care for shoes on my feet

I grew up on spam and fried bologna

Riding in truck beds is a limo ride to me

I love shooting guns and wrestling on tv

Summertime is best spent in the shade of a tree

I can cuss like a drunken sailor

But I always mind my manners around the pastor

I like driving fast and loud music on my radio

I love Playing horseshoes while Dad grills on the patio

I use slang and speak with a southern accent

To me Redneck is a term of endearment

Im blue collar, eat red meat, and love The USA

I love to fight, party all night, and I’m always going to be that way