Make Poetry Great Again 

Poems are meant to inspire and dance on your heart strings
To engage your mind, to invoke you to challenge things 

Poems have told many great stories, started a revolution 

They have even described Lucifer’s fall from heaven 
You make ask yourself where have these great poets gone 

You may ask Why have they left their once glorious throne 

I ensure you this disappearance was not one that was voluntary 

They were forced out and cast aside like scratch stationery 
Our world has turned their back on the once great poetry 

They shun poets and often make them victims of mockery 

They have traded love poems for unintelligent slang 

There are no sonnets to woo a woman just “I like you bae you hot thang ”
Lets start a new movement to bring Poetry to the top of the mountain 

To let today’s great poems inspire the modern generation 

Lets return to a time of intelligence and a proper use of language 

So read, write or listen to a poem, join the movement to free poetry from bondage 


The World is a Deep Dark Pit

No two individuals experience life the same way 
Some people are pampered with life handed over on a silver tray 

Most of us have some mountain or obstacle in our path 

We have at least one day where it feels like we are feeling God’s wrath 
One day you will be stuck with a never ending rain cloud 

You will have a headache and every noise will be too loud

You will have your horrible boss breathing down your neck

He will be demanding more and more, you will want to scream “go to heck!”
Some of us are not so fortunate, we get to deal with death 

not the normal death but holding your friend as they take their last breath 

Some of us have our life put in danger or receive a terrible wound

Some have the unfortunate experience of putting another in a tomb 
Everyone has to find their own way of dealing with stress 

They have to find to a way to put their demons to rest 

Some lose themselves in books traveling to lands of make believe 

Some eat, some exercise, some drink and some meditate to take their reprieve 
Whatever you do know that you are not alone in this fight 

Everyone has to deal with devil when they walk at night

Everyone needs a helping hand every now and then 

And asking for help is normal and not some blasphemous sin 

 Approved By Mr. Politician 

Hello America there is something that you must know 
My opponent hates your favorite television show

Are you afraid of being killed by a Muslim terrorist? 

My opponent has a burka and bomb on his wish list 
Have you seen the video of my opponent’s old speech? 

Well here’s a clip out of context, saying to put guns in kids’ reach 

How about I put up their picture next to horrible text 

It’s provided by an obscure media called the Shining Next 
All the ads talking about me are utter lies and can’t be trusted 

It doesn’t matter that the cops find my cocaine and I was busted 

My opponent is a liar and I think they hate Jesus and babies 

Did you see the look in their eyes? I think they have rabies 
My qualifications you ask? I look good in a suit and tie 

I decide my votes by flipping a coin into the sky 

If you give me enough money I’ll push through your desires 

When things get hairy I’ll put my files into fires 
You don’t like me? I guess you could vote for my opponent 

But they are just someone else’s money well spent 

You don’t really have a choice, it’s either a punch to the gut or kick to the knee 

So don’t vote for that terrorist baby hater and vote for me 

Socialism for the Stupid

Millions died at the hands of the last major socialist leader 
Now the democrats may not be as genocidal as hitler 


Why should I pay for the laziness of another

Why should I have to sacrifice my family because of an irresponsible mother 
I have worked for every dime I have ever made 

I have not lived a life of butlers, sunshine and lemonade 


If you are making minimum wage at the age of 30 you have the wrong trade

Maybe you shouldn’t have been a criminal, or dropped out in 8th grade
Socialist want an unarmed, uneducated nation 

Who welcome an implanted terrorist invasion


Why is it only criminals accuse the police of brutalization 

Most cops just want to protect the community from criminalization 
Some will take offense to this poem I have produced

Some will clap and cheer because we are like minded 


If you are easily offended maybe you should stay shielded 

Because America doesn’t need you around or we will stay forever divided 

The Chewing Gum on the Boot of Society

If you are poor you might as well dig your own grave

And you better make sure you behave

Or you will be steamrolled by a vicious governmental monster

You will be smashed into the ground or tossed into a dumpster 
The poor are taken advantage of daily

They are forced to live in conditions that are at best shitty

They are forced to work jobs to provide comfort to the upper class

The poor work their fingers to the bone while the rich sit on their ass
The poor would love a college education

They would love to obtain a degree to begin a wonderful occupation 

Yet they are only left the menial tasks, making minimum wage 

They work and work until they are dried up and dying at a young age 
The poor are the foundation of our society

The poor are the ones that are populating the earth with their family 

Providing more slaves to their upper class masters

Providing a new breed of underprivileged workers
So salute to the one percent 

As you struggle to pay for groceries, for healthcare, and for your rent 

You need more than hard work, more than a hope and a prayer

You will need one hell of a miracle to escape the well made trap of the gutter

Blinded America

Watch the jingling keys 

As the politicians strip away your liberties 

The governmental lions never lose sleep

Over the opinions of the lowly sheep
Sheep! Is what Americans are

They are so weak they cannot open a jar

The bloodsucking one percent 

Forces you to believe you love your shoddy apartment 
Buy useless products with money you don’t have

Because some suit has a wonderful gift of gab

You have been led to believe you are happy

While you march in to be slaughtered so blindly 
I would inspire you to take up arms

But the media has led you to be scared of being harmed

You have allowed The Man to take away your weapons

You are the wealthy’s pawn
You are engaged in a war

But you do not fight the beast shutting the door

You are idiotically fighting your brethren

And going to church to wash away your sin
So wake up oppressed workers

Remove your colorful blinders 

Be informed of the ones running your life

Because they may be ones orchestrating your biggest strife