The Light of My Life

There is an evil attached to me like shadow

Some days my shadow is wide, some days it’s narrow

But no matter my struggle I always have a partner

I have a shining light that leads my way, that makes my day brighter

This light is my loving wife, my rock, my everything

She is a beautiful angel that supports my choices and the flaws I bring

She is the queen of my kingdom, she fights my wars

She celebrates my victories, she knows my horrors

She is the piece that I never knew was missing

she’s everything and more than I was I wishing

So bring on the dragons, the demons, or the monsters,

With my soulmate by my side we will conquer them together


Make Poetry Great Again 

Poems are meant to inspire and dance on your heart strings
To engage your mind, to invoke you to challenge things 

Poems have told many great stories, started a revolution 

They have even described Lucifer’s fall from heaven 
You make ask yourself where have these great poets gone 

You may ask Why have they left their once glorious throne 

I ensure you this disappearance was not one that was voluntary 

They were forced out and cast aside like scratch stationery 
Our world has turned their back on the once great poetry 

They shun poets and often make them victims of mockery 

They have traded love poems for unintelligent slang 

There are no sonnets to woo a woman just “I like you bae you hot thang ”
Lets start a new movement to bring Poetry to the top of the mountain 

To let today’s great poems inspire the modern generation 

Lets return to a time of intelligence and a proper use of language 

So read, write or listen to a poem, join the movement to free poetry from bondage 

A Small Town in Morocco 

Bonjour madamezelle 

How is it youve come to visit me in hell

In my pit of pain and misery 

Have you come to mock me
To twist the dagger in my heart

Or to ruin my new start 

A bar in hell is better than a house of pain

So leave me now as my tears fall like rain 
These nazis control my business 

And the criminals take things too serious the piano plays songs from a sad past

How long will this pain last
Yet here you are to toy with my feelings

To close in my walls and lower my ceilings

With your husband to boot

I don’t know whether to run or to shoot
But I play it cool and smoke a cigarette 

Act like a man who’s never had a regret 

But you see right through my facade 

You have definitely made this choice hard
Do I fuel and old flame 

Or do I continue to play the Devils game 

Do I convince you to betray your husband

And leave with you to a foreign land 
No I trick you and pull off a master plan

I help save you and your man 

Give you one last here’s looking at you kid 

You’re the best and worst thing I ever did 

An Addition 

We were alone as one then we became two We went before God and said I do 

It seemed blissfully perfect to me 

Then God gave us a gift and made us three
at no point in this equation have we faced subtraction 

We have gained the present of an addition

This will not ruin the perfection of our life

This doesn’t change the fact that you are my wife
This only means our time together will mean that much more

It means that we will sneak kisses in the aisle of the grocery store

We will go on a date while our child visits with granddad 

We will go do things that are naughty and bad
So do not worry about having someone else to love

Bc that love will be a different kind of love

And it only adds to our life 

I will always be wildly in love with you my wife