The Ones that Follow

“HELP” a dozen people scream

I run towards them, wishing this was a dream

On the ground is a man who is not breathing

Without hesitant I kneel over his chest and start compressing

I yell for someone to call for an ambulance

It seems I am this only man’s chance

I’m still compressing trying to save this stranger

I yell for an AED, I’m focused on my task ignoring all other danger

I’m center stage of a group of onlookers

They all stand and just watch, there are no help offers

Another officer shows up with the AED, I hook it to his chest

I’m tiring but I’m still doing my very best

The AED delivers a shock and the man begins breathing

He weakly grabs my hand, as to say thanks for trying

He quits breathing again and I go back to compressing

The AED delivers another shock as I kneel there sweating

No effect! Damnit! I go back to compressions

Finally paramedics show up and I don’t like their expressions

One kneels down and stops me, they declare him dead

I go numb and don’t hear another word that is said

Phones calls are made and hours tick by

We sit patiently to be interviewed by the GBI

I sit there my body starving for sleep

And wait my turn to be pulled away like a butcher picking a sheep

I tell my story and I am sent away

No matter what happens I will never forget this day

The people that you save fade away into the shadows

The ones you don’t will always be there, will always follow


Esteban the Guardian

There’s a special street in Hell that is littered with Rose petals

But under the petals are thorns of rusty metal 

On this street are many hills and condemned homes

Some are filled with lost souls, others house demon gnomes 
But there’s one house that remains an utter mystery 

Because no one has been inside in over a century 

Outside this home stands a never sleeping guardian 

His name is Estaban, he’s one the angels that fell from Heaven
He was assigned to guard that house by Lucifer 

he has stood vigilant and hasn’t allowed anyone to enter 

The sidewalks are littered with bones of those who tried to pass 

A strike from his sword will break you like cheap glass
There are many stories about what he guards 

But no one dares to challenge Esteban or even play him in cards

He just continues to stand and fight to protect the house 

He even keeps out the hellion version of a mouse 

Battles One and Two

Abigail’s mission is not one of great telling but it was very important 
The destruction of the factory caused the collapse of the mountain 

Seeing Otto, Hansel began to flee but was quickly surrounded 

He jumped on his broom and lifted in the air but was quickly grounded
Seeing no option Hansel’s cowardice turned into violence 

He shouted Avada Kedavra killing a wizard and causing silence

This was an unforgivable curse and showed Hansel’s true colors

Otto vowed to avenge this new death with the others 
Their spells clashed in the street, sending magical sparks flying 

Muggles began to run, Hansel killed a few and started laughing 

Hansel and Otto were equally matched with no end in sight 

When Otto finally dropped his pride and asked for help in the fight 
Otto called to his group to lend him their wands and give him help

50 spells crashed down up Hansel and ended when he let out a yelp 

Otto walked over to a fallen Hansel and picked up his wand 

Hansel spat at Otto and said you are weak. Otto didn’t respond 
He just walked away from Hansel and all of his hate

Otto told his group to get Hansel and take him to the Ministry for his fate 

This was the last time anyone saw Otto or heard him speak 

Some say he took his own life, others say he retired. Hopefully he resolved his grief 
To Be Continued… 

Building An Army

For the next few months WTH freed Magicals from prison
Until one day one their numbers had significantly risen

They had amassed a small army and decided to end the war 

 Their problems, Hansel, the SS weapons and whatever else Hitler had in store
They decided the best plan of action was to split into three 

Otto and one group would go after Hansel and set others free 

Abigail would lead a group to destroy the magical weapons factory

Hitler and his personal guard would be for Jack, Henry and Bobby 
Otto took a group of Magicals and tracked Hansel down 

Hansel was hiding in a small muggle German town 

Otto’s group blocked every exit leaving Otto to engage Hansel 

This fight would be a historical magical battle 
Abigail spent weeks roughing up German soldiers and getting information 

She finally found the factory tucked away in mountain 

Abigail knew going inside would be certain death for her troops 

So she decided to blow it up from the attacking the roofs 
Jack, Henry and Bobby shared the last name of Cena

The Cena family knew that once inside it would be like fighting in an arena 

This worried Henry but excited Jack and Bobby 

They found the hotel of Hitler and kicked down the door entering the lobby 
To Be Continued… 

One Camp Down

The explosion was caused by the Wand Through the Heart (WTH)
They helped with Storming the Beaches of Normandy to start 

Now they were freeing Magicals from Concentration Camps 

 Magicals cheered for WTH like they were champs
Otto was not pleased when they showed up because they ruined his plan

But his scowl went away when Bobby put a wand in his hand 

Abigail and the others began fighting the guards 

Henry and Jack began dueling Hansel but this battle was hard 
Henry had been disarmed and Jack was being chased away 

Hansel laughed until Otto stepped in and said I’ve been waiting for this day 

Otto had saw his friends die and vowed to avenge there deaths 

He battled Hansel until they were both out of breath 
At this point Jack and Henry had rejoined the fight 

They cornered Hansel with wands at the ready when suddenly there was a light

A jeep full of SS soldiers had appeared and they had special guns 

The guns fired magical spells and forced WTH to run 
WTH apparated to their base of operation and heard a noise 

They had intruders but luckily it was Otto and the boys 

Otto said we want to help you fight and put an end to this war 

Abigail responded if we are going to win we are going to need more 
To Be Continued… 

Lets Get Involved 

We fast forward our story to December 8, 1941 the day after Pearl Harbor 
Jack and Henry are arguing when Bobby shows up with a newspaper 

It says we are going to war, Henry snaps and says they are going to war

Muggles are fighting, that doesn’t concern us. What would we fight for? 
Jack biffs Henry and says they are already attacking us now the Muggles 

We will help them because we are facing the same struggles 

Henry says I’m not joining the Army if that’s what you’re thinking 

Jack laughs and says just wait as the lights start blinking 
Suddenly there are 10 more Magicals standing with them

Abigail, a 5 foot tall Japanese girl, asks have you told him

Jack answers not yet I was just getting to the good part 

Jack looks at Henry and Bobby, “I want y’all to join Wand through the Heart”
Bobby jumps with excitement and says yes immediately 

Henry rolls his eyes and says that is a dumb name and you are crazy 

Jack just grins and waits. Henry is Jack’s older brother 

Henry says if I don’t protect you I’ll never hear the end from mother
Abigail snarls and says if y’all are done we have work to do

We have Magicals to save and unfortunately I need you 

They apparate to Jacks apartment and load up supplies 

Jack tells everyone to meet here tomorrow for war so say your goodbyes 
To Be Continued…

No matter how much you change you still have to pay the price for the things you’ve done. 

It’s the year 1875 in the western part of Missouri
Sam farms the land with his wife and children and is extremely happy

He is glad the war is over and his service is done

He now cherishes every minute he can spend with his son 
BOOM! A rifle cracks the silence of the middle of the night 

There is a group of men looking for a fight

Sam’s barn is on fire, his livestock has been slain 

His son screams out in blood curdling pain
Sam screams out in anger and rushes out to save his child

He runs as fast as wolf in the wild 

He sees the men and he runs faster, he must save the day

The world goes black and Sam is awoken tied up laying in the hay
Tears stream down his face, anger swells his vocal cords

He chokes out these few words

“Why lord why!” He then sees the leader grinning 

Holding Sam’s son as he is slowly dying
The leader speaks “I am here to collect on the sins of your past

You know these good times could not last

You may have changed but you cannot erase your evil deeds

You are worse than the excrement of a farmers steeds.”
The leader pulls out a Union army saber and buries the point into Sam’s shoulder

He twists the saber and every time Sam shouts in pain he burst out in laughter

Sam asks, “what crimes do you condemn me for?”

The leader says, “I use this saber to settle an old score.”
Sam passes out from the immense pain

He drifts back into a suppressed memory locked in his brain

The year is 1861 and Sam is on a plantation in Georgia

He just witnessed a union soldier and his slave murder his momma
That day was the first day of Sam the butcher 

He pulled a butcher’s knife from the kitchen and plunges it into the throat of the slave and the soldier 

For the next four years Sam slaughters every black person he sees

He doesn’t kill the soldiers he just chops of their legs right below their knees 
He tells himself he does it for the confederacy 

Fighting for a flag gives his killing some legitimacy 

He kills so many that he has lost count, he kills all including women and children

He always makes sure he kills them first then he kills the watching men
When the war stops he has to stop, he has no more protection 

He has to leave the south because he has such a terrible reputation 

He uses the money he has stolen from all the soldiers to buy his farm

He woos his wife with his unnatural charm
 A sharp pain rushes through Sam’s leg as his leg is separated from his knee

He is back from the comfort of his suppressed memory 

Sam asks if he has killed the leader’s family 

The leader doesn’t answer he just chops off Sam’s other knee
The pain is immense and Sam begs for his own death 

He begs to the leader to make these his last breaths 

The leader just spits on Sam and mounts his horse

The group of men ride away to let Sam’s death take a natural course
Sam lays on the hay crying and bleeding when he hears a sweet sound

It is the voice of his mother, she kneels beside him on the ground

She whispers to Sam, “violence does not solve violence

You needed not kill for me, so consider your pain today as penitence.”
This was the last thought Sam had on this planet

He went out the way he sent so many out of it 

So take this tale as a cautionary notice

Not all crimes are handled by the police