Poetry series

Good evening if you haven’t already please check out the ongoing poetry series I’ve been posting. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. 


One Camp Down

The explosion was caused by the Wand Through the Heart (WTH)
They helped with Storming the Beaches of Normandy to start 

Now they were freeing Magicals from Concentration Camps 

 Magicals cheered for WTH like they were champs
Otto was not pleased when they showed up because they ruined his plan

But his scowl went away when Bobby put a wand in his hand 

Abigail and the others began fighting the guards 

Henry and Jack began dueling Hansel but this battle was hard 
Henry had been disarmed and Jack was being chased away 

Hansel laughed until Otto stepped in and said I’ve been waiting for this day 

Otto had saw his friends die and vowed to avenge there deaths 

He battled Hansel until they were both out of breath 
At this point Jack and Henry had rejoined the fight 

They cornered Hansel with wands at the ready when suddenly there was a light

A jeep full of SS soldiers had appeared and they had special guns 

The guns fired magical spells and forced WTH to run 
WTH apparated to their base of operation and heard a noise 

They had intruders but luckily it was Otto and the boys 

Otto said we want to help you fight and put an end to this war 

Abigail responded if we are going to win we are going to need more 
To Be Continued… 

Meanwhile in Germany 

We find ourselves in a concentration camp full of Magicals 
Otto is mad and formulating a plan. If only I had my wand I’d show these fools

Shut up shouts an SS soldier as a group grabs a prisoner

They carry him away to the dreadful experiment chamber 
The SS have enlisted a dark wizard to help them 

A necessary evil but Otto knows one day they will kill him 

Hansel, the dark wizard, has put a spell on the camp to keep them in

He helps them experiment and try to find the secrets within 
Hitler wants to harness magical power to use as a weapon 

But he doesn’t trust Magicals and considers them an abomination

So he captures them and has his men conduct experiments 

He will learn the secret or use their bones to build a fence 
Otto has formed a plan and begins gathering assistance 

There is only wand and Hansel keeps it in the pocket of his pants 

That is the key to their freedom and Otto must have it

Otto puts the Magicals in place and flips up the colar of his jacket 
Someone catches the barracks on fire, while others attack the guards 

Some take turns throwing rocks at the magical barrier, some collect glass shards 

The guards are losing fast and shout for Hansel to lend a hand 

He steps out and raises his wand when suddenly there is an explosion in the sand
To Be Continued…

Lets Get Involved 

We fast forward our story to December 8, 1941 the day after Pearl Harbor 
Jack and Henry are arguing when Bobby shows up with a newspaper 

It says we are going to war, Henry snaps and says they are going to war

Muggles are fighting, that doesn’t concern us. What would we fight for? 
Jack biffs Henry and says they are already attacking us now the Muggles 

We will help them because we are facing the same struggles 

Henry says I’m not joining the Army if that’s what you’re thinking 

Jack laughs and says just wait as the lights start blinking 
Suddenly there are 10 more Magicals standing with them

Abigail, a 5 foot tall Japanese girl, asks have you told him

Jack answers not yet I was just getting to the good part 

Jack looks at Henry and Bobby, “I want y’all to join Wand through the Heart”
Bobby jumps with excitement and says yes immediately 

Henry rolls his eyes and says that is a dumb name and you are crazy 

Jack just grins and waits. Henry is Jack’s older brother 

Henry says if I don’t protect you I’ll never hear the end from mother
Abigail snarls and says if y’all are done we have work to do

We have Magicals to save and unfortunately I need you 

They apparate to Jacks apartment and load up supplies 

Jack tells everyone to meet here tomorrow for war so say your goodbyes 
To Be Continued…

Wizards in America 

Jack and Henry are brothers living in the United States 
They are Wizards barely making enough to keep food on their plates

They are both graduates of magical school earning top grades

They enjoy Quidditch, butter beer and small town parades 
They have brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin and stand 6 foot tall 

 the only difference between the pair is Jack has glasses and that’s all

Henry works in a bakery and Jack is a local Police man 

We go to their conversation while they stand around a fire in a trash can 
Henry is complaining about hard times as he eats moldy bread 

Jack says just be glad we aren’t being hunted or worse dead

Henry is perplexed and ask what Jack is talking about 

He said that a group of muggles are killing Magicals, suddenly there is a shout
A wizard boy is running from a group of street thugs 

Jack pulls his wand and turns them all into slimy slugs 

Henry biffs Jack and said you could go to jail for that 

Jack just laughs, says “nah” and picks up his hat 
The boy is Henry and Jack’s cousin Bobby, he’s 5’8 and a senior in school

Henry ask Bobby what happened, Bobby smirks as he tries to be cool

Well their leader was trash talking Wizards so I made his pants disappear 

That’s when he’s friends came out and wanted to gut me like a deer 
Jack says they are not the only group attacking Magicals 

He tells the others of the SS and the letter he got from Nepal

Nepal was a class mate of his who went to Germany to teach 

Who was worried he would soon be grabbed by the SS reach 
To Be Continued… 

The Beginning

Let me transport you back to a time long agoAnd shed some light on a story that you think you know 

It’s 1934 and we begin this story in a little place called Germany

Hitler is having a meeting with the heads of the Nazi Party
Hitler has spent the last two hours trying to convince his cohorts

He claims the world is inhabited by things of all magical sorts

Hitler blames them for the current state of his people 

He slams his fists and demand they be eradicated pure and simple 
The other men begin to question his mental health 

Then suddenly Hitler asks who has all of our wealth 

The men stop and lean in, together they all shout “THE JEWS”

Hitler has their full attention and starts outlining what they must do. 
While Hitler has the rest targeting Jews he reaches out to a friend 

He tells them they must bring these magicians to an end 

They start a secret regime and call them the Schutzstaffel (SS)

There mission is to hunt down and capture all magical people 
To Be Continued….