The Highway Walker

I don’t know whether to pity you or envy you 

you are not tied down by a piece of machinery

 you are not forced to pay another tax to the red white and blue 

you are a spitting image of simplicity
You travel down the same road day in, day out 

you don’t blink when passed by a speeding man made death contraption 

You are not phased by the rude passerby’s jeer or shout

You just continue about your business, your mysterious mission
I do not know if you are one of the millions that is forced to live on the street

Or one of the ones overlooked because you have a mental illness 

You have a jacket and shoes on your feet

You are not yelling obscenities or wearing a dress
You are my daily quandary 

And there is a simple solution to my question

Stop and ask, extend a helping hand of sincerity 

But that brings upon a thought of damnation 
If I approach you, and you are delusional, schizophrenic or just plain insane

Would I have to engage in a duel of violence with you 

Would my actions be responsible for the bullet in your brain

I do not know, so I leave you , and pretend I’m Sherlock looking for another clue.


Worn Leather Boots

Have you walked a mile in my shoes 

Have you ever attended a funeral in dress blues

Have you ever had to fight back a tear

While burying your fifth brother this year 
When was the last time someone spit in your face

Because of your uniform with no regard for you gender or race 

When was the last time a child was scared of your presence 

Because their parents had threatened them with a false sentence 
How many times have you cut down a lifeless person

How many times have you told a crying child their dad’s in heaven

How many times have you seen someone at their worst 

How many times have you been cursed 
Where were you when your son took his first steps

Were you at home with friends and family filling the room with claps

Where were you when your daughter had the lead in her school play

Some of us don’t Have that luxury and even work on a holiday.
You do not have the right to pass judgement

You have never fought for your life in a tiny apartment 

You have never lived through my nightmare

So don’t be surprised that your opinion does not cause me to care

The Chewing Gum on the Boot of Society

If you are poor you might as well dig your own grave

And you better make sure you behave

Or you will be steamrolled by a vicious governmental monster

You will be smashed into the ground or tossed into a dumpster 
The poor are taken advantage of daily

They are forced to live in conditions that are at best shitty

They are forced to work jobs to provide comfort to the upper class

The poor work their fingers to the bone while the rich sit on their ass
The poor would love a college education

They would love to obtain a degree to begin a wonderful occupation 

Yet they are only left the menial tasks, making minimum wage 

They work and work until they are dried up and dying at a young age 
The poor are the foundation of our society

The poor are the ones that are populating the earth with their family 

Providing more slaves to their upper class masters

Providing a new breed of underprivileged workers
So salute to the one percent 

As you struggle to pay for groceries, for healthcare, and for your rent 

You need more than hard work, more than a hope and a prayer

You will need one hell of a miracle to escape the well made trap of the gutter

An Addition 

We were alone as one then we became two We went before God and said I do 

It seemed blissfully perfect to me 

Then God gave us a gift and made us three
at no point in this equation have we faced subtraction 

We have gained the present of an addition

This will not ruin the perfection of our life

This doesn’t change the fact that you are my wife
This only means our time together will mean that much more

It means that we will sneak kisses in the aisle of the grocery store

We will go on a date while our child visits with granddad 

We will go do things that are naughty and bad
So do not worry about having someone else to love

Bc that love will be a different kind of love

And it only adds to our life 

I will always be wildly in love with you my wife

Edgar the Alligator

Beware of Edgar the alligator 
He doesn’t live in the swamp or the sewer 
He lives in my toilet 

And you better be careful bc you might get bit
But dont be scared to feed Edgar your poop

If he nips your butt youll recoup 

He has to be fed 

Otherwise he might sneak into your bed
No one knows where Edgar came from

From Louisiana is what is said by some

They say Troy showed him mercy and flushed him down the drain

And let him escape the pain
The pain of being a belt or a shoe

Instead He came through the sewer to me and you 

So pay homage to edgar the alligator 

And make sure when you leave you quote the terminator 

saying “I’ll be back”

and Edgar will be happy and cut you slack

Blinded America

Watch the jingling keys 

As the politicians strip away your liberties 

The governmental lions never lose sleep

Over the opinions of the lowly sheep
Sheep! Is what Americans are

They are so weak they cannot open a jar

The bloodsucking one percent 

Forces you to believe you love your shoddy apartment 
Buy useless products with money you don’t have

Because some suit has a wonderful gift of gab

You have been led to believe you are happy

While you march in to be slaughtered so blindly 
I would inspire you to take up arms

But the media has led you to be scared of being harmed

You have allowed The Man to take away your weapons

You are the wealthy’s pawn
You are engaged in a war

But you do not fight the beast shutting the door

You are idiotically fighting your brethren

And going to church to wash away your sin
So wake up oppressed workers

Remove your colorful blinders 

Be informed of the ones running your life

Because they may be ones orchestrating your biggest strife 

Hog With a Watch

Porkchop was your stereotypical boar 

He loved to eat until he could eat no more 

He ate all kinds of things his favorite being slop

He even ate a frozen can of pop
He had one ginormous predicament 

He never knew when the dinner would be sent

Sometimes it came and he was not ready 

He did not like to eat when he was all sweaty 
Porkchop put his mind to work

He would solve this problem or go berserk 

He consulted the wisest pig in the land

He knew Hamhock would lend a helping hand
Hamhock listened to the problem and pondered 

He sat for what seemed like hours without being bothered

Then he exclaimed with great glee

“I have the answer because no one is smarter than me
You need a watch! You know the thing that goes tick tock”

Porkchop was excited but didn’t know where to get a clock

Porkchop left with one answer but had more questions  

And he knew his next destination 
His brother Tenderloin had spoke of such a thing

It was so glorious Tenderloin began to sing

But Porkchop interrupted and shouted “where?!”

Tenderloin annoyed answered “the farmer keeps one in his arm hair”
Porkchop devised the plan that would be the envy of any hog

He would wait for the next thick fog

He wouldn’t have to wait but a week

 a fog set in so thick you couldn’t see your own butt cheek
Porkchop tripped the farmer and took his prize 

He got it back to his pen and brought it to his eyes 

It was a beautiful piece of machinery 

But Porkchop was having some difficulty 
He had the watch but did not understand its use 

He tried many things but it left him unamused 

Tomorrow Porkchop decided he would show Hamhock

His magnificent clock
Porkchop then retreated to his bed 

With dreams of watches in his head

When he could read the watch good

He would know when he would get food