Stay in Your Square

Two men stroll through the park holding hands 

Thousands of screaming pop fans fill the stands 

A man and his rifle sit quietly in the forest 

A woman smiles as she receives another tattoo on her chest
A child dreams of becoming an artist

A man jumps off a cliff to check another item off his list

A woman covers her face to respect her beliefs

A woman wears men’s clothes even boxer briefs 
The things above are just examples of the differences in America

Some of them may define you others may scare ya 

How ever others behave in their daily routine 

Does not spill into your square making you unclean 
So stay in your proverbial square 

You should not hate others or make them compare

America was founded by people yearning to be different 

So why would you force uniformity as a punishment 
If someone’s lifestyle does not cause you pain

Then you have no protected right to complain

You live your life as who you wish to be

And don’t you dare try to stifle me


United Geeks of America

Live long and prosper 

Some are disciples of Captain Kirk 

Wearing Vulcan ears and carrying phasers

Wishing their office chair was on the bridge while they work 
Others pledge allegiance to Picard 

Trying to be smart as Data

Picking a side may be hard 

But nothing brings these groups together then hearing the mantra
May the force be with you

Pick your color and prepare for a duel

Red for the dark side or if you’re good go with blue 

Just make sure your x wing has plenty of fuel 
What if your fandom has never been to space

What if your sword is made of steel

And your best friend is of the elven race

And only a fool believes dragons aren’t real
Elementary my dear Watson 

221 Baker Street may be your choice of an apartment 

Solving crimes and resisting the urge of heroin 

Swapping witty lines with Moriaty trying not to fall for his entrapment 
So no matter who is the ruler of your land

We are all soldiers of the Geek Army

When the muggles don’t seem to understand

You can rest assured that you have a friend in me

Bureaucracy Buries us All

Bang, bang, bang,banging your head against the wall 

Your insurance claim was declined, damn it all

You forgot to check on small box on page thirty three

Now you get to start all over, whoopee
Nothing is better than a mountain of paperwork 

Sign your name enough to make you go berserk 

But if you want that assistance you desperately need

You better answers questions and watch where you bleed 
Because the clerk won’t accept your forms now because of the blood

You could cry enough to create a biblical flood 

But you don’t, you just painfully start again 

And try to make sense of this system we are trapped in 
No one can treat your injuries until the insurance is right 

No one is at the office because it’s 330 at night 

So as you die on the hospital room’s linoleum floor

You just hope they take away the papers before they shut the coffin door

Culture in the Country 

I am a simple southern gentleman

I speak with an accent unique to my region

These two facts do not prevent me from having culture 

A life stereotyped by others of the south would be torture
To the disbelief of most I am not infatuated with my cousin

My yard is not littered with an engine or a rusty Nissan 

I do not decorate my home with commemorative nascar plates

People of different races are not the objects of my hate 
I enjoy reading a well written novel on a sunny day

I become excited over an upcoming theatrical play 

I have visited a museum, nature reserve, and a historical site 

And nothing can compare to a picnic under a starry night 
Please do not judge me unfairly based on my birthplace 

I have not allowed myself to be defined without an individualistic trace

I am my own man and proud of that fact 

If you cannot handle that, then enjoy squabbling to my back 

The Ghost of Javert

 le quitter madamezelle 
Do no steal that fruit, you filth

I will ensure that you go to jail

My duty does not stop with my death 
24601 was my obsession 

He spared me thus I was in his debt 

This fact was the cause of my depression

And i jumped to my death with no regret
However now I am trapped 

To roam this miserable planet 

I do not know how to cleansed 

Or how to dry my soaked jacket 
Valjean may have escaped the French

However there is more trash 

I will fight this criminal stench 

To stop thieves who steal others cash
I pray that I may find another ghost 

That I may bury my saber in his soul

And drag his body to the coast

 To see 24601 in pain is my goal

To Be The Very Best

My anticipation is growing 

My nerves are showing

Today is the big day

It’s time to be on my way
I dress quickly 

I run outside wildly

I run towards the path

But luckily I am saved from evil’s wrath 
An intelligent man 

Saves me with a flick of his hand

He takes me to safety

And that makes me happy
My rash decisions  

Outweighed my intentions

I wish to make my mom proud

And defeat the evil who is shrouded 
my great adventure 

Starts with a kind gesture 

A decision that leads to danger 

Do I want bulbasaur, squirtle or charmander 

Socialism for the Stupid

Millions died at the hands of the last major socialist leader 
Now the democrats may not be as genocidal as hitler 


Why should I pay for the laziness of another

Why should I have to sacrifice my family because of an irresponsible mother 
I have worked for every dime I have ever made 

I have not lived a life of butlers, sunshine and lemonade 


If you are making minimum wage at the age of 30 you have the wrong trade

Maybe you shouldn’t have been a criminal, or dropped out in 8th grade
Socialist want an unarmed, uneducated nation 

Who welcome an implanted terrorist invasion


Why is it only criminals accuse the police of brutalization 

Most cops just want to protect the community from criminalization 
Some will take offense to this poem I have produced

Some will clap and cheer because we are like minded 


If you are easily offended maybe you should stay shielded 

Because America doesn’t need you around or we will stay forever divided