New Chapter

Life is full of peaks and valleys

Of open fields and narrow alleys

Life can change in a moments notice

Or be in a long state of bliss

One thing you can never fear

Is making someone shed a tear

You are responsible for your own path

It’s up to you to drain the bath

So when life has pushed you in a pit

When it’s covered you in shit

It’s your responsibility to revolt

To give life a brand new jolt

If your job sucks donkey dick

Then it’s up to you to say “fuck it I quit “

You’re mate is a first rate bitch

Hand her a broom and say “beat it witch”

If bettering yourself makes another cry

Than it’s probably best to tell them bye

A true friend wants you to succeed

They want to help you when you need

Never be afraid to make a change

Never be afraid to be a little strange

Be the best motherfucker you can be

Be the boss of your awesome destiny


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