Living the Dream

I’m walking down the hall to eat lunch

I pass mi amigo and get a friendly punch

He asks “how’s life? peaches and cream?”

I reply with my classic “living the dream”

Now there’s plenty of truthful answers

Like the upper admin fuels my anger

Or that I didn’t sleep good last night

my brain just replays that face in the light

The face of the beaten 10 year old boy

Who ran away because his life had no joy

He hid from his parents who forced him to take autism meds

He didn’t need but they got more money from the feds

I could say that I’m frustrated that I’m fat

I want to lose weight but it’s not as easy as that

Life is stressful and when I’m stressed I eat

That when I have time to exercise I’m too beat

I could tell him that I just want a day

But life doesn’t work that way

Responsibilities don’t just go away

These are things I don’t say

Because life may be hard for me

But my friend doesn’t need negativity

I’m sure his life has it’s own problems

Adding to it isn’t fair to him

Also if you give into the negative

The pity you get becomes addictive

It starts to consume you like a demon

And people see you as a sour lemon

So as you wade the waters of misery

Don’t forget all the happy

Like the same boy giving you a smile

You’re alive for an extra little while

You get to hug your son at the end of the day

You get a home cooked meal and not one off a tray

You get a job well done from someone you respect

You get to know there’s someone who knows you’ll be there to protect

Life is all about give and take

It’s up to you what day to make

So when you’re thinking about blowing off steam

Just remember sometimes it’s up to you to be living the dream


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