The Tough One

Sir he’s barricaded himself inside

We don’t know why he won’t come out

Maybe he’s scared, maybe it’s his pride

“GET OUT NOW” I shout

But the situation remains unchanged

My next move is to force him to leave

I press and press but he’s deranged

This is going to require I roll up my sleeves

If he thinks I’m giving up that easy

He has another thing coming

I grit my teeth and wipe the sweat away

I go hard and start pushing

Dammit I failed again

He’s definitely a tough one to crack

But I’m determined that I will win

It’s time for my secret attack

I back away and pretend to relax

I pull off all the pressure

He thinks it’s safe, then WHACK

He falls straight into the water

And I’m constipated no more

I clean up the mess from that turd

Wash my hands and exit thru the door

And hope next time won’t be so absurd


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