Just Hang In There

You have a boss pissing on you and telling you it’s rain

They just laugh every time they see you wince in pain

They don’t care about you, you’re just a cog in the machine

If you left they would just insert a new cog where you had been

You try to talk to others about what plan you should take

They tell you to HANG IN THERE, it’ll get better just wait

Everyone expects you just to eat shit bite by bite

I say FUCK THAT! It’s time to stand up and fight

It’s time to break free from the mindless herd of sheep

Your life’s a nightmare. it’s time to wake up from your sleep

Stand on your feet and show them you won’t be a pawn

You will do what makes you happy, even if you have to go alone

You may be stuck in a toxic relationship with a girl you hate

Just because y’all had fun and she ended up being late

You want to do what’s best but those aren’t sprinkles

There’s shit on your cake, and she doesn’t like to see you giggle

You ask your mom and dad for advice and they say HANG IN THERE

They don’t see the pain in your heart, they don’t hear what you hear

No one knows the hell you go through so don’t compare

They don’t know you’ve had to wash blood out of your hair

It’s time to free yourself from those toxic chains making you a slave

It’s time to quit letting them telling you how to behave

They have lived their life now it’s time to live your own

It may be scary but sometimes you have to go out there alone

HANG IN THERE is the mantra of the weak and mindless

If you’re living in hell its time to change your address

Because sometimes you didn’t realize when you wait to be cut loose

It’s too late to get free from the hangman’s noose


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