The Micro Managing Flip Flopper

Don’t stand like that, don’t wear that hat

Why weren’t you where I wanted you at

I dont care how you’ve done that for years

I’m your boss and I control your career

Why didn’t you do that difficult task better

Why isn’t this water ten times wetter

I don’t want excuses, do things my way

It doesn’t matter what you have to say

All that stuff I told you do yesterday

Now all has to be done a different way

The wind changed and my mind did too

But I’m not wrong that is left for you

When did I tell you to do that odd thing

Who said that you’re allowed to sing

Be quiet and be who I want you to be

Be perfect just like me

Who am I? I’m the worlds worst boss

I’m overbearing and Wont be crossed

Ill give you a job then I’ll stab you in the back

I don’t care if I caused your panic attack

What do you mean you don’t like me

I do everything perfectly

That means you must be my friend

Bye? Well you’ll be sorry in the end

Folks don’t be this horrible person

Treat people right, work isn’t a prison

If the job gets done correct let it be

Don’t be that boss everyone hates completely


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