Wizards in America 

Jack and Henry are brothers living in the United States 
They are Wizards barely making enough to keep food on their plates

They are both graduates of magical school earning top grades

They enjoy Quidditch, butter beer and small town parades 
They have brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin and stand 6 foot tall 

 the only difference between the pair is Jack has glasses and that’s all

Henry works in a bakery and Jack is a local Police man 

We go to their conversation while they stand around a fire in a trash can 
Henry is complaining about hard times as he eats moldy bread 

Jack says just be glad we aren’t being hunted or worse dead

Henry is perplexed and ask what Jack is talking about 

He said that a group of muggles are killing Magicals, suddenly there is a shout
A wizard boy is running from a group of street thugs 

Jack pulls his wand and turns them all into slimy slugs 

Henry biffs Jack and said you could go to jail for that 

Jack just laughs, says “nah” and picks up his hat 
The boy is Henry and Jack’s cousin Bobby, he’s 5’8 and a senior in school

Henry ask Bobby what happened, Bobby smirks as he tries to be cool

Well their leader was trash talking Wizards so I made his pants disappear 

That’s when he’s friends came out and wanted to gut me like a deer 
Jack says they are not the only group attacking Magicals 

He tells the others of the SS and the letter he got from Nepal

Nepal was a class mate of his who went to Germany to teach 

Who was worried he would soon be grabbed by the SS reach 
To Be Continued… 


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