The Beginning

Let me transport you back to a time long agoAnd shed some light on a story that you think you know 

It’s 1934 and we begin this story in a little place called Germany

Hitler is having a meeting with the heads of the Nazi Party
Hitler has spent the last two hours trying to convince his cohorts

He claims the world is inhabited by things of all magical sorts

Hitler blames them for the current state of his people 

He slams his fists and demand they be eradicated pure and simple 
The other men begin to question his mental health 

Then suddenly Hitler asks who has all of our wealth 

The men stop and lean in, together they all shout “THE JEWS”

Hitler has their full attention and starts outlining what they must do. 
While Hitler has the rest targeting Jews he reaches out to a friend 

He tells them they must bring these magicians to an end 

They start a secret regime and call them the Schutzstaffel (SS)

There mission is to hunt down and capture all magical people 
To Be Continued….


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