Let The Sun Shine

A little boy hiding under a pillow trying to silence the screams
He wants to help but he’s frozen with fear busting from his seams 

When the commotion stops he peaks his head out the door 

He sees a bruised and beaten Mom who just doesn’t want to live anymore
She’s reaching for the bottle of pills the end her world of pain 

The boy must act fast, he slaps the bottle and the pills fly like rain 

He’s fighting back tears but he must be the one that’s strong 

He doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know what he’s done wrong 


The cycle never seems to end, day after day, year after year

There never seems to be an end to the violence or the beer 

The boy is changing but the situation isn’t. One day the dad goes to hit his wife 

The boy,who has grown, steps in the middle and pulls out a knife
He lifts his dad off the ground and holds the blade to his dad’s throat 

The boy says this is will stop or that will be all that she wrote 

Everyone goes their separate ways and there is silence the rest of the day

The boy believes violence solved his problem and functions this way 
The boy grows older, stronger and solves more problems with violence 

Each time with a satisfactory result so the boy wants no penance 

The boy loses many friends due to his unfavorable behavior 

And it isn’t until he’s sitting alone that he realizes violence isn’t his savior 
The boy realizes violence shifted from an outside source to him 

He begins to question life and wonder what he has to do to make a trim

To cut out the violence, to break the cycle and solve problems without pain

The boy finds peace within and the sun slowly starts cutting through the rain 


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