The World is a Deep Dark Pit

No two individuals experience life the same way 
Some people are pampered with life handed over on a silver tray 

Most of us have some mountain or obstacle in our path 

We have at least one day where it feels like we are feeling God’s wrath 
One day you will be stuck with a never ending rain cloud 

You will have a headache and every noise will be too loud

You will have your horrible boss breathing down your neck

He will be demanding more and more, you will want to scream “go to heck!”
Some of us are not so fortunate, we get to deal with death 

not the normal death but holding your friend as they take their last breath 

Some of us have our life put in danger or receive a terrible wound

Some have the unfortunate experience of putting another in a tomb 
Everyone has to find their own way of dealing with stress 

They have to find to a way to put their demons to rest 

Some lose themselves in books traveling to lands of make believe 

Some eat, some exercise, some drink and some meditate to take their reprieve 
Whatever you do know that you are not alone in this fight 

Everyone has to deal with devil when they walk at night

Everyone needs a helping hand every now and then 

And asking for help is normal and not some blasphemous sin 


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