Peace Is For The Weak 

The world is falling apart all around me and I am calm
The sun is shining, birds are chirping and I am a ticking bomb 

Chaos is my old friend who I welcome with a hug 

Happiness beats me up like a terrible thieving thug 
Call me an asshole and I will just give you a wide grin 

Often I will poke and prod until you call me it again 

Maybe I’m a little crazy or maybe this is just my home 

I’d pick a speeding car over a house with a garden gnome 
Anger and despair is what I have flowing in my veins 

Disaster is the horse and I have control of the reigns 

Does this mean that I can not find happiness?

No this means I enjoy my dysfunctional stress 
Warriors are not happy farming, gladiators don’t want tea 

I want competition, excitement and a health scoop of mystery  

So take your quiet life and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine 

And leave me be fighting the insanity of mine 


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