Chicken Capitol of the World 

Sitting on a stump is the Devil playing the fiddle 
To cross the bridge you have to answer the troll’s riddle 

The sky is littered with lightning bugs looking for mates

And someone’s grandma is washing dirty paper plates 
Welcome to Georgia, the home of the delicious peach 

Where craziness is never out of arms reach 

Monday we have snow, Tuesday is 90 degrees 

Wednesday is rain and Thursday we just hope we still have trees 
Don’t worry about the rest of the week you’ll be lucky to see it

The capitol is falling apart and the kings men can’t seem to make it fit 

The cities have people speaking Spanish and Arabic 

The hills have people speaking some Appalachian dialect 
We have good fried chicken and cold sweet tea 

And this state is the perfect home for little ol me 

Because I’m a perfect blend of chaos and happy 

And no other state could even come close to keeping up with me 


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