Stories are Written by the Victors 

Everyone take a hold of your seat

For I will tell a tale of a hero’s defeat

There was a wild beast that ruled with fear

And his subjects grew worse each year 
One day this beast kidnapped a villager 

And then traded him for his daughter 

The woman was a prisoner to the beast 

Most days she was even denied a feast
She was denied all human interaction 

And soon her fear turned into affection 

In the village there was our hero 

He searched for her but came up with zero
Then one day she escaped her jail

She came home and told her tale

Our hero rounded up a posse 

And went to ensure the village’s safety
The beast’s army attacked the villagers

They put them into real danger

Our hero braved through the battle 

And went to find the beast in the castle 
He found the beast and the fight began

Our hero was strong but was only a man

He fell at the hands of the monster 

And never saw again was the villager’s daughter 


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