The Cape-less Wonder

Unfortunately in the world we live in there are no superheroes 
No dashing man with a mask, no woman in a cape 

However we still have the criminals, the evil, the zeroes 

Some have goofy names like in the comics like Joker, el Chapo or Ape

But we cannot scream and a Superman appear to stop the bullet
So a select few have stepped up to lend a helping hand 

They run towards gunfire or a criminal with a knife 

They don’t want glory, all they want is to help their fellow man 

They want to protect the sanctity of every being’s life 

They don’t even want a thank you, they just enjoy it 
These individuals are only human though and don’t have super speed

Sometimes they are only able to arrive after the crime 

But when they do they try to take care of the victim and their needs

They try to catch the criminal in a reasonable time 

They work night and day to make the world a safer place
They do all of this without any superpowers or alien technology 

They don’t get to hide their identities or have a fortress of solitude 

They only want to be like everyone else, go to church, eat or go to college 

They don’t see themselves as better just as someone with a heroic aptitude 

I am thankful that I can say that among them I have a space 


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