Ninja Penguins 

Have you ever had something disappear overnight
Have you ever thought to yourself did I leave on that light

Well you’re not going crazy or being forgetful

There is a rogue group on a mission to collect material 
This group is made up of five ninja penguins 

They are masters of all traditional ninja 


They can slice through walls with a sword, hit you with a ninja star 

Or disappear with smoke going from near to far 
But these ninja aren’t out for blood or an enemy’s heart

They are trying to rebuild their rocket ship and they need parts

So they sneak into offices and people’s bedrooms 

They take pens, socks, keys, headphones and sometimes even a broom
I don’t know if they will ever finish their spaceship 

I don’t know what planet they are from or why they eat potato chips 

I just know the next time something is missing 

You can blame the ninja penguins because they are the ones taking 


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