Stubbed Toe Kind of Luck

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed 

I tried to think but there was a jackhammer in my head 

I sluggishly walked to the bathroom and turned on the sink 

I was immediately covered in water and needed a stiff drink 
I picked up my worn pants from the floor and they had a tear

I put them on anyways because you can’t leave in your underwear 

Outside, my car’s front tire had a flat and I had no spare

So I took off on foot with a scowl and several swears 
On the street I stepped in chewing gum and was chased by a dog

I even managed to get lost in the thick morning fog

Halfway to my destination my phone began to ring

I cringed about the possibility of callers as Beck continued to sing
I wearily answered the phone to be asked about my location 

It was the police concerned about me and they had bad information 

A plane had crashed into the car’s driving on the road 

The plane slid into my house causing it to burn is what I was told
The moral to this disastrous tale I have outlined for you 

Is that sometimes your worst day where fate has left you black and blue 

May be the day that your life is saved from horrible doom 

So change your perspective be more positive and less gloom 


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