Keep It Simple

Two individuals were trapped in a deep dark cave
One was actively going insane while the other just behaved

The eccentric one was named Dusty and hated the dark

The calm one was named Flint and only feared sharks
Dusty began berating Flint for being overly calm

Flint just blew it off while drawing shapes on his palm

Dusty was trying every way possible to escape this prison

While Flint just sat quietly because he knew the dangers of their mission
Dusty finally couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed Flint 

He shook Flint asking him why, yelling just give me a hint 

Flint just laughed and said you worry too much my friend

We will get out eventually, life always works out in the end
Dusty just looked perplexed and started crying 

He was trying to remain calm, he really was trying 

Flint smiled and said don’t over complicate the situation 

We are just pieces of lint in the pocket of a Haitian 


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