The Devil Does Not Concern Himself With the Wishes of Angels

There was once a righteous pure angel
 he was as pure as freshly fallen snow

he had decided he was going to reform the devil 

why he he took on this quest I’ll never know
 he would show the devil how being good made him happy

He showed how helping others brought them joy 

The devil just dismissed this as stupid and sappy 

Saying for a minute a crying baby is happy with a toy 
The angel could not reform the maniacal Satan

So he took a different approach to rid the world of evil

He hid away and worked out the details to an ingenious plan 

He returned and made a tempting offer that was on Satan’s level
Satan had only to sit in a room in exchange for a gift 

The angel would get the gift and be in eternal bliss 

If not the devil would be free and the angel trapped and listening to Taylor swift 

Satan grinned and gladly accepted this was a bet he would not miss 
So for what seemed an eternity Lucifer was trapped

The angel was happy and had not a care in his head

Lucifer devised a plan of his own, and the door was rattled 

The angel stopped and told Lucifer to stop or he’d end up dead
The devil knew the door would hurt him if he tried to escape 

But he wasn’t planning to escape by force, he just started whispering 

At first the angel just ignored him and pretended to be an ape

However the devil would not be ignored and the angel started listening 
The devil said the gift wasn’t good enough and was trash 

The angel laughed this off and went back to playing and smiling

While the angel was down the hill he heard a large crash

He cautiously went back to check and he saw a monster smashing 
Lucifer had summoned the monster but it could not break him free 

The angel just laughed and went back on his merry way 

Then one day the gift was gone from every where the angel could see

And this was Lucifer’s most evil conniving day 
The next day the gift returned but the angel had been burned 

The devil was whispering again and this time it filled the air

The whispering was like poison and made the angel stomach turn 

The angel soon began questioning everything from his feet to his hair
*poof* the angel saw the devil free from the room 

The devil was grinning and walking in his direction 

But the devil didn’t stop he just said better find you a broom 

He bumped the angel as he passed leaving a sting like an injection 
The angel asked why am I not trapped? That was the deal

The devil coyly stated you will but on my time Have fun waiting

That’s when terror sank in and the angel’s fear was real 

The devil disappeared and this just left the angel shaking
The moral of the story is never try to change a leopard’s spots

Never make a deal with the devil if you aren’t prepared to lose 

Because the devil will never change and likes to call his own shots 

Find another way to be happy, one that you truly choose 


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