Internal Maniacal Laughter 

Have you ever met a man so mean and twisted 
That he’d kidnap your dog to see if you missed it 

Have you ever met a man so wild and insane 

That he’d bash your head open just to see your brain
This man is a myth known throughout the land 

He is said to be 6 foot tall with a machete for a hand 

He is believed to have fire for hair and an accent from the south

It is even believed that he can shoot lightning from his mouth 
This man is feared by many and misunderstood by all

Some say he should be dead or at least trapped behind a wall 

But how can you possibly put that much intensity in a cage

How on God’s green earth can you contain that much rage 
The answer is you can’t, you just try to stay out of the way 

You walk the line, sleep with one eye open and pray 

But for me there is no escape from this terror 

Because I see the man every time I look in the mirror 


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