Keep It Simple

If I don’t know you, don’t talk to me
 I don’t need your happiness or glee

It’s hard to offend someone during the holidays 

if you just shut up and don’t utter any phrase 
If something doesn’t concern you leave it alone 

Who cares if that guy is drinking from a trombone 

If you don’t like something you see on the tv

Turn the channel and quit being whiny 
If someone wants black fingernails or a purple Mohawk 

That’s their business and you have no right to squawk 

If they aren’t trying to paint your nails or dye your hair

What gives you the right to complain or even care
Life is simple, do what makes you happy

And just leave everyone else be

Wear the clothes you like, hang out with your kind of people 

And don’t go messing with someone else’s thing they find wonderful 


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