Three Sided Coin

Pyscho Sicilian Sid the street swordsman of seventh street
Would stab you if you looked at him wrong if you accidentally meet 

He talks to himself mostly and practices his sword fighting 

And if you ever happen to disarm him look out for his biting 
Suited Sid with slicked back silver hair and money to spare

Is a veracious business man who would sell his mother and not care 

His every move is a calculated decision thought of in advance 

He will give you nothing for free and won’t give you a second chance 
Then there is just Sid a man who goes through life 

He has a decent job, three kids and a loving wife 

But Sid has a secret that he doesn’t want you to know

He does his best to hide it and make sure it doesn’t show
His secret is hidden by the simplest decision made by his schizophrenic mind

Name all his personalities the same name and make them intertwined 

All three people named Sid listed above inhabit one mortal body

And make it hard for people to know Sid is really crazy
Some people just think Sid has bad days or weird moments

But Sid knows that one day he won’t be able to explain some of his comments

He won’t be able to explain away pyscho Sid’s actions 

Or one of Suited Sid’s inappropriate apathetic reactions 
And when that day comes Sid will lose control 

The three will fight until one has trapped the others in a hole 

Simple Sid will cease to exist and the winner will change his life 

Let’s just hope it’s not the one who wants blood on his knife 


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