July 27

My birthday is the 27th day of July

But this day is about more than presents to me 

My birthday was the only day I felt important 

My birthday was my day, and that was different 
My childhood wasn’t bad but I grew up dirt poor

I was never alone because my parents had four more 

I shared everything I had from my clothes to my toys

It’s hard to have special days when you have 5 boys 
But July 27 was my day, the cake even had my name 

My birthday put every holiday throughout the year to shame

It was the day where I didn’t have to share

I didn’t have to worry about chores or even combing my hair 
I never got fancy clothes or expensive presents 

I never got wild parties or horses jumping over fences 

I never minded that though because I had the spotlight 

I was king of the land, the emperor of the gladiator fights 
So no matter how many candles are on the cake 

No matter days I waste or mistakes I make

The 27th of July will be my day, my light in the dark 

Because that is the day God blessed the world with the Great Mark 


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