America is Crying

Some of us are America’s children by birth others by adoption
Some came to visit and never left but America wasn’t pushed to exhaustion

She welcomed them all and shared her life liberty and pursuit of happiness 

She only wanted peace and understanding at her address 
Her children are numerous and diverse, they vary in appearance and education
They value different beliefs and have different perception 

But they are all her children and must live by her guidelines

However America has been riddled with travesties going off like land mines
These travesties have divided America’s children causing them to fight

Some are starting to question and/or take others rights 

A house divided against itself cannot stand

And as America’s children we must come together to heal this land
Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that 

And hate is what is crippling America, hate has stomped on Uncle Sam’s hat

Hate has drove a wedge among the children of America 

But we must abandon this hate, abandon our judgement and come together 
We must go arm in arm, hand in hand to the ones that wish to do us harm

And cast them from our fold, send them away from the farm

As Americans we must seek justice and not fall prey to vengeance 

Because an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind, 

and a blind man cannot escape evil’s chain of bondage 


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