The Roller Coaster of Life 

Maybe I’m not actually evil 

Maybe I’m not the devil 

Maybe I’m exactly the way God wants me

Maybe I’m the Angel of Misery 
I’m like cocaine for your soul 

I can take you down the deepest hole

I can take you to the mountain top 

You better hold on because I don’t stop 
I will expand the thoughts in your brain

I will put you in the car and drive you insane 

I will make you too angry for words

I will make you fly higher than the birds 
I will open up doors of opportunity 

I will push you into a world of self pity

I am an agent of curiosity 

I am the Angel of Misery 
So take my hand if you dare

you will definitely have a horrible scare 

You will have numerous nights of laughs 

Just hope when it’s over you’re meeting one of God’s staff 


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