El Magnifico 

El magnifico was a luchador past his prime 

He was the greatest wrestler of his time

But an injury had ended his lustrous career

And he no longer gets to enjoy the crowds cheer 
But from time to time like every old warrior

He puts on his mask and walks down the market corridor

Old fans wave and ask for his autograph

Some ask about old matches and enjoy a laugh 
Then one day someone with too much to prove

Pushed el magnifico and told him to move

When magnifico turned to face this guy

The guy spit in el magnifico’s eye 
El magnifico’s blood began to boil 

And his feet dug into the soil 

He issued the guy a challenge to a match

But there was only one simple catch 
This match would be a street fight

The guy accepted and hit el magnifico with a flash light

E magnifico stumbled then delivered a drop kick

Hitting the guy so hard he became sick 
El magnifico then picked the guy high in the air

And power bombed him through a chair

The guy laid crying in the middle of the street 

At the hands of el magnifico he had suffered defeat
And once again el magnifico had his glory

He had wrote a new chapter in his story

He had a new purpose for his mask

He could stop criminals committing evils task 


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