The Devil 

Who knew the gates to hell were located in Georgia

In the middle of a growing town known to the locals as Atlanta

The devil had drifted in after a long stay in an unfavorable place

But if he had been here before no one recognized his face
Maybe it was because Sherman had tried to burn down the city

The devil thought How did Lincoln get an angel to fight in his army 

No matter, that was over and the devil had to form a new plan 

Slavery was supposed to be the greatest evil to infect man 
But the devil was thwarted by God’s finest Angel “The Great Mark”

The defender of the light against evils plight to make the world dark 

The devil almost vomits thinking about this dope

How can one angel possibly give humans so much hope 
At last the Devil was at the gates of hell ready to unleash an attack

He would take the souls of humans and control of earth back

The Devil had found out how to open the door

When suddenly there was the sound of feet hitting the floor
“Son of a Bitch” grunted the devil “what are you doing here?”

“Stopping you” grinned The Great Mark as he drew a sword showing no fear

The devil drew a sword of his own and it covered itself in flames

As he ran the devil shouted “I’m done with your games!”
Flaming swords crashed in the middle of the street 

Then the devil was yanked off his evil hoof feet 

He stared up as 5 more angels stood over his head

Move an inch and you’ll wish that you could wind up dead
The 5 angels picked up the devil and took off in the sky 

The Great Mark stood there with a touch of anger in his eye 

This wasn’t the first time these two had fought 

This won’t be the last time either but that’s all the story your money has bought 


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