The Drifter 

Lighting flashed across the sky as if fighting a rain cloud

Thunder roared over the noise of the saloon seeming unnaturally loud 

A man playing cards jumped to his feet and shot another player 

Grabbing the money in the middle claiming the other was a cheater
The gunman ran into the street while the others gave pursuit 

The gunman didn’t get to far as he ran into a drifter in a odd suit 

The drifter smelled of smoke and had an eerily evil smile 

The drifter asked the gunman why don’t you stay for a while 
The group stood awestruck but the drifter walked through the men 

He walked into the saloon and yelled to the barkeep for a shot of gin 

Several gunshots rang from outside as the group had killed the gunman 

This was the first time the drifter was seen in Lakeland 
The next morning the drifter went to the general store to buy a new shirt

When a wild cowboy came in yelling for everyone to hit the dirt 

The drifter just smiled as the cowboy grabbed the cash 

Then shot the storekeeper before he made his crazed dash 
The day after that the drifter met a beautiful lady

He chatted her up as they stood in the dusty alley 

A few hours had passed and they found their way to a comfy room 

The innkeeper hated to noise so much he hit the ceiling with his broom 
The fourth day was Sunday and as everyone knows

Sunday is the day of the lord, there is no work, drinking or shows 

This Sunday the preacher called for the drifter the be hanged 

For it was his wife that this horrible drifter had banged
He claimed the drifter to be an agent of the devil 

That he had brought with him a plague of of evil 

The drifter must be stopped before anyone else died 

The menfolk agreed while the women and children cried
But I know to them the drifter had been diligent working 

He had been collecting twigs and brush for kindling

And as the preacher delivered his powerful sermon 

The drifter had started a fire and chained the door to eliminate the vermin 


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