Don’t Open The Cage

The prisoner sits in the corner mumbling to no one it seems
He gets up and attacks the cell at its seams 

Then goes back to sitting in his scribbled covered corner 

But what is the cause of the madness that plagues this prisoner 
Is he here because he was sick in the brain or did it drive him insane 

Is he the conductor or a passenger of this mental train 

The guard usually ignores the prisoner’s words and antics

But something the guard saw today caused him to panic 
The prisoner lay on the floor dead not moving an inch 

The guard rushed in shouting and gave the prisoner a pinch 

The guard then turned pale white and began to perspire

Because the prisoner was grinning and the cell was catching fire  
The guard froze his brain struggling to decide which problem to solve

The cell was burning and the prisoner was rushing the door with resolve 

The prisoner had escaped and the guard was left to battle the flames 

Was the prisoner crazy or just playing advanced mind games
No one has seen the prisoner since that dreadful night 

No one knows the direction or the purpose of his flight 

Only one thing is certain about the prisoner 

He is free and the world is now in severe horrible danger 


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