Is their a difference between being an adult and a child
When you become an adult do you lose the aspirations to be wild 

Do you lose what allowed you to smile and be happy

Do you have to replace it with bitterness and being angry? 
Some believe having a job signifies you have transitioned into adulthood 

But the workplace is just a system created by corporations to ensue you are good 

That’s why you are paid in paper that contains no actual value 

 one cannot expect to overthrow such an institution this sad fact is true 
So does your age make you an adult if so what’s that magic number

Or is it the fact that you share your bed romantically with another 

Maybe it is the “rights” graciously given to you by your loving government 

What if it’s you paying into some sort of retirement 
In my opinion none of these make you better than a kid

Someone is still making you explain everything you did 

Telling you when to eat, when to go home, what you can wear

If you don’t comply you get put in timeout or the naughty chair
So what makes you an adult, what defines this title?

I ask why do I care? I live my life while allowing the world to effect me just a little 

I do not desire to be pigeon holed by a corrupt system  

I have a name, an IDENTITY! I will not be another “him”
Therefore I reject the notion of transitioning from this to that

I am a human that is always changing, sometimes it’s my view, sometimes my hat

So now I transition from this poem to another 

You can continue to adult as I pretend to be a dinosaur and attack my brother 
Rawr Rawr Rawr Rawr 

Rawr Rawr Rawr 

Rawr Rawr Rawr Rawr Rawr



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