Davey the Dino Detective 

This story begins on a dark and stormy night 

Davey was dreadfully closing up his run down office 

He had put on his coat and reached for the light

BANG, BANG, BANG, Davey reached for the guns in his pockets
Davey shouted, “who’s out there and what do ya need?”

A female responded, “hurry let me in they’re here”

Davey was a sucker for the dames so he opened the door with lightning speed

The female ran in and hid behind the desk shaking with fear 
Puzzled, Davey walked towards the female when the door was kicked open 

Two velociraptors with tommy guns rushed in

Davey was quick on the draw, he shot one in the head and the other in his shins 

Davey walked over and put his colt Python under the raptors chin 
“Who you work for and why you kicking in my door?” Davey snarled 

The raptor spat in Davey’s face and began to spew foul language 

Davey cocked his colt and pressed up it in the raptors stomach until he hurled

He then shot off the end of his tail just to get some extra leverage
The raptor screamed and squirmed and tried to get away

Davey asked again, “who do you work for you dirty bastard?”

Davey knew that this guy’s boss was the cause for his ruined day

The raptor shouted, “Tony the Triceratops is going to make your life real hard.”
BOOM! Davey had heard enough and the raptor looked better without his head

He walked over to the dame and helped her to her feet

“You want to tell me what the hell that was about?” was all Davey said.

The dame began crying and glancing towards the street 
“You’re safe with me just talk and you better have cash!”

The dame spilled her story about owing Tony money

But she didn’t pay so Tony had kidnapped her son while she took out the trash.

Tony was the most vicious mobster in all of history 
Davey said, “I’ll take your case but you have to pay in advance”

Davey had his own motives for wanting Tony dead. 

The dame gave Davey a shoebox full of cash but something made Davey glance

It was a large triceratops with a horn missing from his head. 
This wasn’t Tony but his enforcer Thomas the horn

His horn was broke off in a fight and now is the handle of his gun 

Thomas looked at his two henchmen and said, ” you’ll regret being born.”

Davey just smiled he didn’t remember the last time he had this much fun
Davey smiled and asked, “do you want to die or let me talk to Tony?”

Thomas reached for his gun as Davey tossed over the box of money.

Thomas was sad because he had to uphold his boss’s integrity 

He picked up the box and said, “this will only buy you a minute fifty.”
Davey stated, “that’s all I need, here or at Tony’s place?”

Thomas took out his phone and spoke quietly and snorted , “here.”

An uncomfortable hour later a limo pulled up taking up 10 parking spaces

There was a lot of noise as Tony stomped up the stairs 
Tony was a broad gray triceratops wearing a three piece suit

He supported himself with a long Ivory handmade cane

He looked at Davey’s handiwork and said, “someone definitely taught you to shoot”

Davey just smiled and said, “you looking for this dame?”
Tony grinned and said, “well son you never fail to impress.”

He stuck his hand out and motioned for the dame to come over 

But his face filled with fear when Davey shot him in the chest

Davey shot Thomas before he could get to cover 
The dame starry eyed and confused squeaked out, “why?”

Davey answered with, ” I have my reasons, I’ll go get your son.”

A few hours later Davey returned with the dame’s son and a new tie

He came in picked up Tony’s cane and Thomas’s gun. 
Davey said, ” I helped you because Tony wasn’t always my father.

He killed my dad and kidnapped me raising me as his own

He demanded money for my return but that was just a lie he told my mother

So I waited and ensured that he would not raise another son.”
The dame just thanked Davey and grabbed her child

She ran as fast as she could from the carnage 

Davey just scoffed and said to himself “well that was wild ”

He went back, cut off the light and locked the door to his office.


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