Stay in Your Square

Two men stroll through the park holding hands 

Thousands of screaming pop fans fill the stands 

A man and his rifle sit quietly in the forest 

A woman smiles as she receives another tattoo on her chest
A child dreams of becoming an artist

A man jumps off a cliff to check another item off his list

A woman covers her face to respect her beliefs

A woman wears men’s clothes even boxer briefs 
The things above are just examples of the differences in America

Some of them may define you others may scare ya 

How ever others behave in their daily routine 

Does not spill into your square making you unclean 
So stay in your proverbial square 

You should not hate others or make them compare

America was founded by people yearning to be different 

So why would you force uniformity as a punishment 
If someone’s lifestyle does not cause you pain

Then you have no protected right to complain

You live your life as who you wish to be

And don’t you dare try to stifle me


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