United Geeks of America

Live long and prosper 

Some are disciples of Captain Kirk 

Wearing Vulcan ears and carrying phasers

Wishing their office chair was on the bridge while they work 
Others pledge allegiance to Picard 

Trying to be smart as Data

Picking a side may be hard 

But nothing brings these groups together then hearing the mantra
May the force be with you

Pick your color and prepare for a duel

Red for the dark side or if you’re good go with blue 

Just make sure your x wing has plenty of fuel 
What if your fandom has never been to space

What if your sword is made of steel

And your best friend is of the elven race

And only a fool believes dragons aren’t real
Elementary my dear Watson 

221 Baker Street may be your choice of an apartment 

Solving crimes and resisting the urge of heroin 

Swapping witty lines with Moriaty trying not to fall for his entrapment 
So no matter who is the ruler of your land

We are all soldiers of the Geek Army

When the muggles don’t seem to understand

You can rest assured that you have a friend in me


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